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Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a recession going on. I know, I know – I’m sick of hearing about it too, but things are getting pretty bad. My beloved Lisburn is becoming a ghost town; so many shops and businesses have closed that it surprises me that anyone has a job at all. Belfast is not much better, although the list of problems that city has going on at the minute would take a whole other blog/lifetime to document. Hell, even Primark is seeing hard times, things in there are getting expensive. For Primark. Still reasonable in comparison with real shops.

Primark is imaginary.

We’re even losing HMV! Who saw that coming? The place was queued out the door for two months before Christmas, over-priced everything and was pretty much the only place to buy (first hand) DVDs and such. Maybe if the staff had smiled more?

So. Here is my contribution. Cute and geeky things available on the high street at the moment. Yeah, the internet is great, but sometimes it’s nice to do some real shopping. Outside. Where the people are.

I suppose you could buy these things online, from where you’re sitting right now, but…delivery costs and…

Have a heart.

If this passes for fashion these days, I am finally ahead of the curve.

If this is what passes for fashion these days, I am finally ahead of the curve.

Actually, can someone buy me this? Please?

Actually, can someone buy me this? Please?

MUCH cheaper here than anywhere else I've seen similar things...

MUCH cheaper here than anywhere else I’ve seen similar things…

Boys get cooler pants than girls.

Boys get cooler pants than girls.

A cat! Wearing glasses!

A cat! Wearing glasses!

There. Go. Walk around your failing high street. Spend your earnings.

Unless you don’t have a job in which case, y’know, recession. Sorry.


Facebook? Likey likey?

Must. Make. Blogs. Happen.

I thought I might take a serious note. I’ll try and be reasonably brief, but something in the local news recently has really bothered me, and I was wondering whether or not it had annoyed anyone else.

In case you hadn’t gathered from an earlier blog, I live in Northern Ireland. Lisburn, to be precise. I used to really love my hometown. Every now and again, I still have a tendency to get a little bit defensive if anyone tries to talk it down. Mind you, these occasions are getting much, much rarer.  The recent news that has annoyed me so much, regards John Lewis (the lovely department store) and Sprucefield (a shopping…area, just outside Lisburn city centre).

This development has been in the works for around nine years, and it has cropped up in the news in this time, so I’m pretty sure everyone was aware of it. Alas, it was not to be.

Click for Ulster Star article.

Click for Ulster Star article.

For god knows what reason, the genius Minister for the Environment has decided that, no, Sprucefield will be restricted to bulky goods, like furniture. I don’t understand, I truly don’t. It would seem, as a friend on Facebook suggested, that this Alex Attwood creature has forgotten that Northern Ireland exists outside of Belfast. Which, at this rate, it won’t. Lisburn is already dying on it’s feet – Bow Street is practically empty, Lisburn Square is an economical failure and the mall is filling it’s stores with cheap market stalls, peddling their cheap market wares.

John Lewis have said, many times, that they are not interested in putting a store in Belfast, and that they are more likely to put their development over the border. Or not at all. So, perhaps, the plan to have the store built closer to the ‘capital’ is not the motivation behind this ridiculous turn of events. I am becoming a conspiracy theorist in my old age, and suggested to family that, perhaps, another large, upscale store in that area (cough, M&S, cough) had put in a word to have these plans scuppered – but my clever boyfriend pointed out that a large, recognizable store could only be good for business, in attracting people over the border, and from all around the country.

So, that is my rant. This place is stagnating – there are people who really could’ve used those jobs (a store that size would have a crazy wide variety of positions available, something to suit all ranges), and the city desperately needed this extra pull; a reason to visit.

Maybe, just maybe, if we show our disdain for this situation, things might turn around, who knows? If you want my advice though, emigrate.  I hear Canada is beautiful at this time of year.


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