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I am a huge fan of finding geeky things in places in which you may not expect to find geeky things. Like Tesco or a cat boot sale. I was wandering around Toys ‘R’ Us rather recently, and was pretty darn impressed with some of the toys that are out there for tiny children to gnaw on. They are the geeks of the future after all, and it is our responsibility to leadeth them in the ways of the force/Star Fleet protocol/One Ring.

We should also instill in them an idiot proof zombie apocalypse plan, because if it doesn’t happen in our lifetime, it’s sure as hell going to happen in theirs.

Click for hilarious captions/insights.

I have to admit, out of all the many hundreds of geeky toys for kids, the Lego has always been my favourite; I think it always will be. Video games and light-up-singing-wonder-dolls are fairly amazing, yes, but there is no joy in childhood like building something vaguely resembling a spaceship all by yourself. And then hurling it at walls and siblings until you get a good wreckage to start all over again with.

Many happy childhood memories. Although there is no pain like standing on a Lego brick in your bare feet.


Alas, Halloween is over, and Christmas is drawing ever closer. November is a month of calm, organised and carefully thought out Christmas shopping, before the panic and fear of December sets in.

So, while this is not exactly a ‘Christmas Esty Finds’ blog (although one will inevitably follow in the near future), there is a slight seasonal slant to everything. I’m hoping to inspire people to be as organised with their Christmas shopping as I am.

Not so shockingly, I like to buy people strange, geeky, thoughtful presents. I love a good Boots 3 for 2 as much as the next person, but for me, it takes a little extra to feel like my gift will be well received.  Plus, I like to try and convert people to comic books. This rarely works, but the gesture is always appreciated!

Here goes.

Everyone loves Lego.

As always, click on the picture to be magically transported to the Etsy page. These would make a great gift for any kid or grown up who never did quite grow up. These little Lego men crayons are perfect little stocking stuffers, or a great small geeky gift all by themselves. £5.00 for a set of ten, and made in Belfast!

Not good times. Never good times.

Another locally made find (as are most on this blog, in fact), this pen and ink drawing is a celebration of all that is quintessentially Northern Irish! A steal at £2.oo, you’re bound to know someone who would love this as part of their Christmas parcel. Stick it in a frame and make a feature out of it!

Yes, more Lego. What of it?

From a local treasure chest, The Corium, this little Lego chewbacca is the perfect gift for that geeky girl who you never know what to buy for. My birthday is this month, you know. Just thought I’d mention that.

Only £10, you can get this on The Corium’s Etsy shop, or in the store in Belfast (around the corner from Forbidden Planet).


Unlike everything else in this blog post, these Christmas ornaments were not made locally, but I had to show them to the world. Wow! They’re cute enough to hide the fact that these are the most splendidly geeky Christmas tree ornaments that have ever existed, and you know that you want them. Around £65.00 for the set, made in the US of A.

There you go then, there is plenty of opportunity to do the majority of your Christmas shopping on the internet! And on a miserable day like today, not leaving the house sounds good to me.


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