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Except for this one, right here. Mine. Blog. Yes. Good.

I am always on a mission to fill my house with geeky and amazing things. This is particularly difficult given that I don’t trust eBay (I don’t know why, it’s best not to ask), it’s a real task to find such magical geeky treasures in Northern Ireland (although I really do try) and I am not made of money.

I am made of water and…whatever else people are made of. Iron? Love? I honestly do not know.

There is a website, however, where all my dreams come true. loves everything I love, and the prices are totally reasonable. They are in dollars because, like all the best things, ThinkGeek is American.

American. See?

American. See?

Anyway, there are literally hundreds of things on this website that I want/need/require to live, but I have chosen a few of the shiniest, most colourful things for you to go buy for me.


You can use all the bottle caps you mine to craft a fort!

You can use all the bottle caps you mine to craft a fort!

I cannot imagine any situation where this would not be useful.

I cannot imagine any situation where this would not be useful.

Superior Mario.

Superior Mario.

I have ALWAYS wanted one of these. Always.

I have ALWAYS wanted one of these. Always.

Marvellous, yes? Yes! And there is so much more. So much. Their selection of Game Of Thrones goodies is magical; you need one of each of these things for your season three premier party, of course.

Speaking of which…no, in fact, the perfect Game Of Thrones themed party needs a blog all to itself.


Or don’t.

As I sit after a hard days work, jogging bottoms on, cosy heating, a blanket hugging around my legs, I move the mouse cursor over the Facebook shortcut on the screen and load my page. Friends and relatives pop up in minute icons, profile pictures load and the information of peoples’ doings spill down the page.

Interesting and humorous status updates are what I want. Facebook is an electronic plain of sociability; but of late it has been bombarded with the ramblings of ambitious teenagers and lonely people in search of “likes”.

Is this what you wanted, Zuckerberg?!

Instead of socialising and searching the green and vast earth for people of similar interests, it seems the youth of today (great Odin’s raven, I feel as old as a bottle of cod liver oil after typing that) are addicted to the primary goal of obtaining as many useless “likes” and “comments” on Facebook as they can. Some are, I admit, rather cute, I mean who’s gonna scroll past and hesitate to “like” a new born kitten, when there is a threat of everyone thinking you hate it, just by scrolling past!?

“Threats” such as: Like if you love your mum, scroll on if you hate her…

Or on seeing the picture of a child with an exterior tumour growing from its chest: Like if you care, scroll on if you don’t…

Or on seeing a picture of Justin Bieber and Harry Styles: Like for Justin, Comment for Harry…

I’m only 75% sure that this is Bieber.

The above three things have been on my page and I am sure your own page many, many times. It is not a sure thing, that I am an evil mindless and unemotional being, but I find the process of someone going through Google, saving a horrendous picture, pasting to their page and then demanding that you like it a little disgusting if I am honest.

Some are funny and I admit, I do click like the odd time when bored out of my skull on a lunch break, but then you have these vile and shocking images of animal abuse, child suffering,  burnt soldiers, dying humans and crying victims flooding more and more of your personal page.

It seems also, that the folk of Northern Ireland have became trapped in this web of sticky trickery. For an adult like myself, I know that scrolling past that awful image is neither going to help no hinder that person in any way shape or form, but take the scenario of a child on Facebook seeing such images. A shallow, spongy mind is susceptible to become completely obsessed with the notion that they hold the power to change the actions in the picture by clicking upon a little blue thumbs up.

Yeah, it may in some cases bring the awareness of animal abuse (etc.) into the limelight for all of a few seconds, but you can do more, by getting off your fat ass, starting a charity or donating a few quid to one on the street. Instead of starting a likey-like page and obtaining useless, empty publicity for yourself.

Facebook used to be enjoyable to use, a place of fun, sharing and searching along with the odd stalking activities, but of late, these “like” pages are getting ridiculous. It goes deeper than simply liking an image. You have to think about the sheer arrogance of those that process and create these pages. It is not for raising awareness of abuse or charity, as it can be traced back to some young persons’ page and that, is altogether worrying. What do they really think they are achieving by trying to shock you into feeling emotional involved in a picture of a dying Labrador.

Baby puppies > dead puppies.

So, lets ignore this bullshit and share pictures of each others drunken antics…

Dare I say it; “LIKE” if you agree.

Over and out amigos!