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This post is a special post, because it is my 100th. Marvellous! I am devoted and I remember to write things. Good ol’ me. On that note, no Sunday review this week because I was ill. So ill. I didn’t forget though, that’s the important point that I’m trying to make.

Before I delve into the wonderful world of Etsy, I thought you might be interested to know that Fox recently took a little hissy fit, contacting a number of crafty darlings who sell via the sit with cease-and-desist orders. This particular number of fiddley dears were making Firefly themed merchandise. Although Fox cancelled the show after one season and a movie, they are apparently still well within their rights to be uppity about their ‘intellectual property’. Ewk. Big co-operations. Ewk. The law.

Anyway, you can read more about this whole clusterfork here.

Onwards, to the things that people are still allowed to sell…

(As ever, click on the pictures to buy buy buy. All locally sourced, of course).


First up, a shiny new trinket from HearHoofBeatsThinkZebras (who incidentally fell victim to Fox’s ban on Firefly merchandise. Buy other things from her, so she feels better?). This deluxe Game Of Thrones charm bracelet is extremely thoughtfully made, by a real fan for other real fans. The House sigil can be changed depending on your own personal alliances. I, for example, have recently decided I am more of a Tyrell than a Greyjoy. My blood runs quite warm, you see. The other charms are equally adoring and meaningful – tiny castles, swords and dragons.

Also. Free shipping with the code FREEPOST until April 23rd. Don’t say I never help you.


I hope you are laughing as hard as I laughed when I first saw this. Picard facepalm t-shirt. Is there a nicer three word phrase in the English language? I doubt it.

I only recently encountered Hallion Clothing, but they have some really brilliant t-shirts (and only £7.50!). You should go take a look.


I am pretty sure I’ve babbled away about shoes pretty similar to these at least once before…but hell, look at how cute they are, they deserve all the babbling. Look at the little bows! The best thing about these particular shoes is that the lovely lady who makes them is willing to collaborate on the design. So you could have Batman shoes! Or Spider-Man! Or Thor! Or Batman!

Another bargain, only £20, but if you’re looking for something more glamorous, there are heeled versions available for £35.


I seem to pop something from this Etsy store in every other blog, but I cannot help it. I like that everything is handmade, I like the little faces, I like the bright colours. I can’t help it, I am a girl and as such, I am easily led by woodland creatures.

Especially bunnies. Yesterday, I was in Pets At Home at Sprucefield, watching the cutest white baby bunny eat hay with his fat little paws. Then loads of French teenagers came in and started shouting ‘Oooo, LAPIN!’, which apparently means ‘rabbit’. Both an interesting anecdote and a learning experience. If a tad irrelevant.

Anyway, go forth and shop. If you buy anything beautiful and geeky, I want to know about it. I want to know very much.


Did I even manage to do an Etsy finds for February? Flip, I have been neglecting my blogging duties. However will you know what to buy if I don’t tell you? I’m so sorry, you must have been so very, very lost.

Poor wee sheep.

Anyway! Findings. As usual, I have tried to keep everything local, but for once, I have actually managed to achieve this. It’s nice to achieve something on a daily basis. The trick is to keep your targets low, for a higher success rate. RefugeekNI guide to life, right there.

As usual, clickity click the picture and zoom over to Etsy to spend your hard earned pennies.

Belfast charm.

Belfast charm.

So this gets to go first, because it made me laugh. Like, out loud. And I never do that, not really. Even when I tell people I did (usually via an abbreviation I hate), I’m probably lying. This, however, earned my giggles of appreciation. Could it be any more Belfast? I can’t even think of any notes that you could put in this notebook that would out-do the front cover. Buy this and send it to your relatives overseas. They won’t understand it and you can laugh at them.

I would have died of cuteness overload if he had been clutching a tiny knitted sock.

I would have died of cuteness overload if he had been clutching a tiny knitted sock.

I keep saying that I am totally getting over my Harry Potter phase, but then I see things like this and I dive right back in again. This knitted Dobby comes in three different sizes, but I am eyeing up the large one, mostly because I can’t get enough of his wee ears.

In all honesty though, I was never a Dobby fan. I thought he was creepy and sort of annoying, like, the Jar Jar Binks of the Harry Potter universe. That doesn’t stop me liking this guy though, so that must be some grand testament to his adorableness.

This makes me cry. If you don't know why, we can't ever be friends.

This makes me cry. If you don’t know why, we can’t ever be friends.

Oh, Firefly. There should be so much more of your glorious, life-affirming episodes. If I could marry a DVD box set, it would be you.

You can't see me, but I'm nuzzling the screen right now.

You can’t see me, but I’m nuzzling the screen right now.

I have this friend, she makes jewellery, it’s nice. I’m sure you know the situation by now. Also, sometimes, if I put something on a blog, she gives me one as a present. AND I REALLY LIKE THIS.

I can't see a Gameboy without humming the Mario tune. It's a sickness.

I can’t see a Gameboy without humming the Mario tune. It’s a sickness.

I need this in my life, obviously. If you are crafty and wonderful, you can buy the cross stitch (I don’t know what that is) pattern, and make this yourself. And then you could give it to me, for free, because I gave you the idea.

So, that’s your lot. Let me know if you actually buy anything because I told you to, or if you see anything you think I might appreciate! You can either link findings to me on the Facebook page, or buy me presents to feature. Either is fine.


p.s. The Facebook page is HERE.

I did warn y’all I would be blogging my heart out for a couple of days. We are effectively snowed in, see. I thought it would be a fun novelty, but I am already crawling the walls, and craving all the foods that aren’t in my house.


So! I know I’ve already done my January Etsy finds, but that was before the snow started, and I do so like to be topical. I tried to hunt for local crafts, but I could only find a couple without making the links too tenuous and iffy, but I’ve made it very clear what is from Northern Ireland, and what is from elsewhere.

Also, I made a snow Batman.

Also, I made a snow Batman.

Anyway, first up, I am (yet again) promoting the very lovely jewellery of a very lovely friend. She didn’t even have to bribe me or anything, this time.

As per usual, click on the picture to be chucked over to Etsy, for prices and details and pictures and things.

From HearHoofBeatsThinkZebras, I give you this deluxe charm bracelet, all themed around Disney classic, Snow White. See? Snow themed! I particularly like the tiny snow flake and the little cameo charm with Snow White in all her animated glory. One of the store’s pricier pieces, it’s still a bargain, and the antique/vintage style is really pretty. You may see a few pieces like this floating around Etsy (and elsewhere), but I can promise you – best value, best quality, best seller.

Okay, I’m a little biased. So sue me.

This little guy is also local to Northern Ireland, and look at his little beak! And the cheeks and the feet, awk. I love anything unique and wonderful, and this kawaii penguin charm is both those things. And penguins live in snow, so my theme is still going nicely.

While these extremely geeky earrings are NOT local, I can definitely vouch for the seller, having ordered (in reasonable bulk) button badges from her before. Emma Frost (frost! Frost is like snow!) is one of my favourite X-Men, if you ignore the slightly sexist and annoying portrayal of her in First Class, just check out that pout.

Again, NOT local, but it gets a really big picture so you can see, it detail, just how awesome this is. It may be the best lighter that has ever existed. And Winter Is (not only) Coming, it’s here.

Theme complete. 20G for sticking to theme.




I have this friend, Kyra. Kyra is a bit of a geek, and she makes jewellery. I constantly tell her she is my most useful friend, which is about as nice of a compliment as anyone has gotten from me in years. I’m such a great person.

I’ve flogged HearHoofBeatsThinkZebras‘ jewellery on the blog before but over Christmas many more magical trinkets have appeared, so I thought it might be worth drawing them to your attention.

Also, I was bribed with a certain necklace. I’m not ashamed to admit that my love and admiration can be fairly easily bought.


First up, Lord Of The Rings things and bits. Makes perfect sense, given that the trilogy (and The Hobbit, for that matter) are essentially about what happens when jewellery develops self awareness and becomes evil. I can’t promise that this jewellery won’t do this.

Personal favourites include the Thorin’s map necklace with teeny dragon charm (see previous comment about bribery – this is what I got), and the Eye Of Sauron necklace (which I can’t believe I have never seen done anywhere else before, such a great idea).

OH! Also, the ‘Not All That Wander Are Lost’ cameo necklace. I love The Riddle Of Strider, Tolkien was an underrated poet, if you ask me.

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.


Harry Potter quotation cameo necklaces, obviously. I have to admit, I’ve sort of been over Harry Potter since the final movie came out, it’s hard to get excited about something that a) you got into when you were eleven, and b) is totally and completely over. That is, of course, just me, I get the Harry Potter love, and I love the lace-edging on these pieces, they look so fancy.


BATMAN! I love Batman, did you know? There should be a Batman symbol on all jewellery, this is my honest belief. Grumpy Cat is also brilliant, because I’m pretty sure if I was a cat, I would look much the same.

Grumpy Cat

Sidenote: if you haven’t seen How To Train Your Dragon, you really do need to. Kids’ movies are not just for kids, y’know.

Anyway! Go buy things. You can find Kyra and her booty (ha, I worded it like that on purpose) here: &

There’s a lot of variety – Firefly, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Dr. Horrible, Batman, Moulin Rouge,  shots from tunder the microscope, tiny bottles of booze…seriously. The list goes on.

While you’re on Facebook, you can find me HERE. And I would like very much, if you were to click that little ‘Like’ button for me. Go on. Please.


Geeky cupcakes. I’m not going to say much more, just LOOK. And then want. And then go eat some lesser food, and wish you had a cupcake.

On a cupcake related note, if you are about Belfast tomorrow, come check out St. George’s Market from 10am until 3pm! I’ll be chilling out at the HearHoofBeatsThinkZebras stall, munching cupcakes from The Lily Pink Bakery.


First of all. 

In light of all the things going on in Northern Ireland at the minute, I thought it would be sort of weird for me not to say something. Especially given my latest quest to keep things topical. 

Also known as – the quest for ratings. That’s a South Park episode, so. Yeah. I stole those words.

Anyway, in a nutshell, a middle-of-the-road political party sided with the republican/nationalist vote, and it was decided that the Union Jack will now only fly over Belfast City Hall on a few designated days. There have been riots, death threats, violence and a mob mentality oh-so-typical to this country and it’s reputation. 

The thing is, though, that the majority of the country aren’t really all that bothered. In fact, we’re embarrassed. Yeah, I personally think that we are a British country, and we should fly the Union Jack all the time, but when it comes down to it, it’s only a flag. For the sake of a flag, people are hurting each other, and the country, with their actions and their words. 

I truly thought we were past this, Northern Ireland. I’m so embarrassed to be from here, and I’m disappointed that a DEMOCRATIC vote resulted in this situation.

Anyway. On to something more fun and geektastic. It’s been a while since I had a Game Of Thrones themed blog, given we are stuck between seasons two and three in this horrible limbo. Plus, Christmas is coming up, so…


(That’s not very catchy. Sorry).

First up, I had to share something I actually recently got as a birthday present, from a much beloved and darling friend. Suck up, ain’t I? These figures are VERY new, in fact, Forbidden Planet isn’t actually getting them into stock until February.

Too bloody cute.

Too bloody cute.

Luckily, you can get this and a few other Game Of Thrones POP! figures on the HBO shop now. I’m so ahead of the curve, huh? Click on the picture to be magically transported.

Look boys, I'm trying to apply more to you!

Look boys, I’m trying to apply more to you!

This Disney-style Mother Of Dragons t-shirt would, I am sure, be greatly appreciated by any Game Of Thrones fan this Christmas – have a wee scroll around Etsy, it comes in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes.

Hardback coffee table book.

Hardback coffee table book.

Next up, another little item I got myself recently, it was also a gift. From me, to me. That still counts.

This coffee table book, ‘Inside HBO’s Game Of Thrones’, is, out of anything on this very useful list, a must have for any fan. It’s funny, colourful, interesting and informative. And sexy, it’s definitely sexy.

I’ll let you in on a secret, too – the RRP is £24.99…you can get it in Tesco for £15! Bargain!

Finally, I am going to be a wonderful person, and publicize the amazing crafty work of a friend…

Westeros & The Free Cities map bracelet.

Westeros & The Free Cities map bracelet.

This bracelet is lovingly crafted by fellow fantasy geek Kyra, at her HearHoofBeatsThinkZebras jewellery business. She makes a whole bunch of fantastic Game Of Thrones bling – for ladies and gentlemen. You can find her on Etsy, or at St. George’s Market on Sundays from 10am to 3pm. In case you were wondering, this bracelet is a steal at £13.

So, there you go! Ideas galore. Hope these are useful, either for buying the special geek in your life, or for buying something special and geeky for yourself. Which you are perfectly entitled to do at this crazy, stressful time of year.


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I have mentioned that it was my birthday about ten times between the blog and the Facebook page, so I thought I would be super smug and share with you the marvelous geeky things that were gifted to me over the last week or so.

I turned 23, by the by. Nobody likes you when you’re 23.

First up…graphic novel! Signed, by Gail Simone, the writer. This makes me happier than words can say, and she even spelled my name right. Lovely boyfriend buys lovely presents.

Yes, there is my entire name, all six laters. Please, don’t stalk me.

Onwards, talking Yoda. Self explanatory. Very cute. Says wise and noble things, on which I now intend to model my moral standards.

BATMAN DRESS by Vampire Bunnies. I might save this, and someday wear it as a wedding dress…it’s that cool. And it fits so well, for anyone who was wondering. I know sometimes handmade clothes are a bit uncomfortable and twisty, but this…oh goodness, how I love it.

For those long, cold, winter nights (as if I need an excuse), I actually asked for a particular present from my brother – Fable: The Journey. I am a huge fan of the Fable games (Fable 3 is, in fact, one of my favourite games of all time, even though it was infuriating and the citizens of Albion didn’t seem to understand that they would all die unless they stopped demanding TRIFLING FAVOURS) , so I was psyched to see a new adventure coming my way. A lot of reviews seem to focus on the pitfalls and downsides of using Kinect as a sole controller, but as a gadget junkie, I can’t get enough of connect. If you want your horse, you shout, ‘OI, HORSE’ and it’s freakin’ magical.

The same friend who kindly bestowed the Batman dress to my wardrobe also kitted me out with a little treasure chest of jewellery goodies, all made by herself (I harp on about her and her craftiness a lot, but I assure you, it is well earned! Go check her out at HearHoofBeatsThink Zebras).

I was going to model said jewellery fantasticness myself, but that would’ve meant brushing my hair, and putting on make up to hide the fact I am naturally green. So, Sackboy is doing it instead. Fabulous.

Sackboy makes a marvelous supermodel, yes? Yes. 

I got the standard loveliness as well, of course – pyjamas, lovely notebooks for my genius thoughts, more wine than I could safely consume in a week and a kittycatpompom hat. All in all, ’twas a wonderful birthday, and I thank you sincerely if you were a part of it in any way.