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I’m not sure when it happened, but sometime in the recent past, ‘geek’ became a trend. I am not about to go on a rant about how this is disgraceful and how I hate that people are wearing Batman t-shirts when they probably don’t know a thing about him (I do hate it, by the way, but that’s a whole different thing). Instead, I thought I would take a more positive look at this trend, and how it affects ‘us’.

‘Us’ being the geeks who got bullied in school for our strange ways and lack of fashion sense, of course.

Where before, we were mocked and poked for liking superheroes more than real people, for playing Xbox more than dating and for understanding the meaning of the word ‘cosplay’, now we are highly desirable, fashionable figures of wisdom, and everyone is dying to know what we thought of Avengers Assemble and The Dark Knight Rises.

'Twas awesome, but you already knew that.

‘Twas awesome, but you already knew that.

Oh! How the times have changed! Northern Ireland is usually so gloomy and stuck in it’s ways (see, for example, any thing on the news about the country, ever), that I had resigned myself to the fact that I would forever be considered ‘odd’. That I would bump into people from school, and they would walk away whispering about how I haven’t changed a bit, and isn’t that a shame?

Instead! Suddenly my Captain America t-shirt is the most admired thing in my wardrobe, my comic book collection actually played a huge part in getting me a boyfriend and my job as a history geek makes me ten times more interesting.

Effective flirtation devices.

Effective flirtation devices.

I’m not sure entirely where I’m going with this rant, but surely, I’m not the only one to notice this? It’s sort of a great thing – people are getting into comic books and video games in a way that they never have before, especially women, because these things now carry more of an air of normality and acceptability. Video games are now part of social events (my house has weekly Halo nights, it’s about as much socializing as we actually do), Halloween is now an opportunity to whip out your cowl (rather than yer baps, yeo), and geeky girls are not recognised as being a wonderful, hot commodity (rather than a rare, skittish, basement-dwelling creature).

I love this. I know it’s just a trend, and it will all be over soon, but in the meantime, I am content to bask in the adoration that my huge knowledge of Batman has earned me, and to take advantage of the geeky t-shirts and pyjamas popping up all over the high street.

Oh Primark, how I adore thee.

Oh Primark, how I adore thee.


You may have noticed, but I have such a soft spot for Halloween. It may well be my favourite time of year, everything about it makes me insanely happy.

You should feel this way too. Here’s why.

  1. Fancy dress!

    Obviously! I would dress up every day of the year if it was socially acceptable, I think there’s something really cool about putting in all that effort to dress like somebody or something that you love. For a few nights of the year, you can go out dressed however the hell you want, and no one will judge you, stare at you, or make fun of you. It makes a nice change.

    See? We dig Halloween.

  2. Decorations.

    One of the main attractions to Halloween, for me, anyway, is the glorious cheese factor, and decorations play a big part in that. Fake cobwebs, plastic spiders, paper skeletons – Christmas, eat your heart out. We’ve got fake blood, we don’t need glitter.

  3. The music.

    The Monster Mash, Thriller, Time Warp, Everybody (Backstreet’s Back), the entire Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack…need I go on?

  4. Junk food.

    Free candy from strangers is not usually so universally encouraged, but hey, I’ll go with it.

  5. Atmosphere.

    I love October as it is, I am an autumn baby. I love getting all bundled up and going for walks in the freezing cold, and I love bare trees and I love how all the annoying little darlings have gone back to school. This is the best time of year, surely? And a nice big fancy dress party smack in the middle of it? Perfection.

  6. Everyone can get into it.

    Whether you are 5 or 50, there is something about Halloween you can appreciate. Free candy for kids, and girls in slutty costumes for everyone else. Delightful.

    On that note – I am all for the slutty costumes. As long as there’s a little effort put in there, and you haven’t just drawn wonky whiskers on your face.

    Feminists must hate Halloween.

  7. …but nobody has to.

    Unlike Christmas, New Years’, Easter or any other holiday, no one is under any obligation to throw themselves into it heart and soul. If you don’t dig it, don’t do it. Always a nice freedom to have.

  8. The movies.

    TV gets great around Halloween, even for those of us who can’t watch horror movies without crying.

    Ah, the classics.

  9. Everybody is just a little bit jumpy.

    Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, the fact that it is everywhere over the month of October seems to make everyone a believer. Ghost stories mean more, dark houses are all haunted and that noise you heard in the middle of the night? That was your killer at the back door.

  10. The parties.

    D’uh. There are many, and they are wonderful.

All these very clever and valid points aside, Halloween has to be a geek’s favourite holiday. It’s not everyday you’ll run into the roster of Street Fighter, or Master Chief or something, in a bar. Plus, our costumes are always the best.

Go forth, dress and drink and be terrified.


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Excuse me if my sentences don’t make sense, but in order to fully experience the Halloween spirit in Belfast, I felt I had to partake in it.

I was a zombie red-shirt, because they always die. Get it? GET IT? Good.

Given the huge and fancy refurbishment that has been going on in Spring & Airbrake, I thought it was only fair to go give it a try. I hadn’t actually been in the club for a long, long time, but from what I can tell, there has been a huge improvement. An okay club for a night out, I can only imagine that it will be a fan-freakin’-tastic venue for the many gigs they already have lined up. Goody.

Sorry, what’s that? They’ve renamed Spring & Air to Limelight 1, and The Limelight is now Limelight 2? I don’t care. To me, they will always be Spring & Air and the Limelight, but I’ll try and make it clear where I’m talking about when I’m talking about them. Perhaps I should give them codenames. Club Kirk and Club Picard? I digress. Back to the point.

Shown here. The point.

So, all three clubs were opened up for their big Halloween night, but in order to check out the costume competition, I spent the majority of the night in Spring & Air (Club Picard, if you will), where there was less of a mental queue for the bar, and more tacky, please-the-masses music. Usually, this would annoy me, but hey, it’s Halloween – get your cheese on.

The costumes were, for the most part, fantastic and the costume contest was won by two extremely entertaining ladies dressed as Lego people. I am biased, because I know these ladies, and because I love me some Lego,  but a lot of work went into those costumes, and they definitely deserved to win. I found the rest of the finalists a bit of a let down, but there were plenty of nerdy attempts among the crowd to keep me happy.

Highlight of my life so far – Sub-Zero dancing to Backstreet’s Back. Just, picture it.

On the other hand, I was extremely let down by the amount of people (girls, not people, just girls), who squeezed themselves into a slutty dress and drew whiskers on with eyeliner. Don’t get me wrong, I understand when people don’t want to dress up, but either dress up, or don’t. When I am Queen, half-assed attempts will be banned.


Alas, I took alarmingly few photos, but I will attempt to steal some from fellow revelers and pop them up on the Facebook for y’all to have a nosy.

In conclusion – club fun, costumes good, Halloween great. I don’t know what point I was trying to make.

Here’s a picture of a platypus.

Evolution’s little joke.


You may have noticed, the blog has had a little make-over! I love Halloween, so we’re going with a Halloween theme for a little while…

Anyway, I’ve been back on Etsy, battling my willpower and trying not to buy everything. I’ve been doing my best to keep things local on the blog, and to be honest, I’ve been very pleasantly surprised with just how easy it is to do that when it comes to crafts and homemade oddities. There are a lot of talented people out and about in Northern Ireland, and I, for one, am happy to support and promote them.

So, here goes, Halloween Etsy finds, sourced locally, and available to buy now.

The Nightmare Before Christmas cameo necklaces.

I have featured jewellery by this particular lady before – Kawaii Candy Couture Jewellery has a huge variety of pieces, and a lot of them are amazingly geeky and girly at the same time (I can tell you now, these are not features that usually go hand in hand). Being The Nightmare Before Christmas fan that I am, and it being the time of year when it becomes acceptable to watch the movie over and over again (on a daily basis, from now until Christmas, is fine), these amazing cameo necklaces deserved a mention. Only £10  each, available on Etsy right now.

Homemade leather bag.

Wow. Wow, wow, wow. There are no words. This leather bag is homemade. I have no idea how someone can make something quite so amazing at home, with their own hands. And in Lisburn, no less! Home town pride has just increased, at least ten-fold.

And did I say wow?

This is just one of many pieces on Bespoke Leather Craft, and costs £80.00. It’s so damn unique, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like it. I’m in love.


Drew, the gothic softie doll.

Completely hand-stitched and insanely adorable, Drew is a gorgeous vampire dolly, all the way from Londonderry. From the Etsy store loulovesthis, there is a great little variety of squishy adorable things. I sort of want them all, you’re never too old for dolls, right?

Halloween movie print.

Finally, something for the boys! Thank god, I hear you all say, in your manly voices. I’m trying my hardest to stay gender neutral, but I’m a chick, and it’s difficult to pretend otherwise.

This print is from Etsy’s PeterStrainShop, Belfast based and extremely cool. This guy seems to have a print for every movie you could possibly love, and I can think of at least twenty places any one of them would look great in my house.

So, embrace the Halloween spirit, and be enthused by the fact you can do it locally! Let me know if you buy anything from any of these shops? I like to know when I’m helping/making people spend money.


Well, no, this is not Halloween, this is very early October. I’m trying to stay ahead of the curve.

After last year, when I nearly froze to death dressed as a Green Lantern, I figured this year, I would think of costumes more suited to the Northern Irish climate. I thought I would share these ideas with you.

I’m so generous.

I’ve noticed a trend in superhero Halloween costumes, in that there are all essentially onesies. I am okay with this, in fact, I am a fan of this. I figured Kick Ass is a good choice, because Kick Ass 2 is very much approaching (again, ahead of the curve), and look how snuggley the suit looks!


Well, that is not a great picture now, is it Amazon? Anyway, as much as I love watching girls tottling around in heels they can’t walk in, dressed as slutty woodland creatures and slowly turning blue, I think I might love this more. Power Ranger! Such a costume idea. You could be warm, still obviously a girl, and spend all night miming the Might Morphin’ Power Rangers thing they did to transform.

Hell, I think everyone should do that on a daily basis anyway.

‘Arry Potta!

I know, I know, I’m obviously just taking advantage of the popularity of the biggest franchise known to man by including Harry Potter in any blog at all ever, but it’s relevant, because robes are warm, and this costume would be dead comfy and recognizable  And sort of unisex, because girls dressed as Harry Potter are always adorable.

And face it, it could have been worse. I could’ve just suggested you wear a blue shirt and dowse yourself in body glitter. That would most definitely be taking advantage of the popularity of a franchise I don’t even like (secretly love).


Or, get your Cersei Lannister on (man or woman), and go all flowy and classy. Just be careful, because if someone figures out who exactly you are meant to be, they are well within their rights to punch you and shout ‘That’s for the Starks, bitch’.

I would.

Of course, there is also the option to just embrace the fact no one will recognize who you’re meant to be anyway. I made the mistake one year and went as the kid from vault 101…children kept asking me if I was a member of the Raccoon City Police Force. Cool kids, but, still, fail. Maybe try and make your own wonderful, mad and obscure outfit. These are my favourite. Send me pictures, make my year.