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I have done many things in my life, things of which I am proud. Yet none of these things I could boast about compares to the greatness of that title. What a glorious pun, I clearly have the most advanced and magnificent of minds.

ANYWAY. I am always in rush, recently. My alarm goes off early, I am on the go all day, I get to bed later than I would like. I work, I study, I clean and I blog. Go, go, go. Yet, somehow, I always seem to find at least an hour a day to play a game on my phone. It’s the strangest thing; almost as if the rules of time and space don’t really apply to me when I’m playing Angry Birds or whatever. Magical, even.

Well. I say Angry Birds, but I feel I have finally outgrown it. Even Angry Birds Space and Star Wars Angry Birds are boring me now – there’s only so many times you can fling a bird at a pig, while taking into account rickety obstacles and the laws of gravity. Besides, the pigs would’ve figured out that they should be using cement by now, surely?

Mind you, that is a pretty dim face, considering he's meant to be some sort of ruler.

Mind you, that is a pretty dim face, considering he’s meant to be some sort of ruler.

I have discovered new games – better games. Great games. Okay, great is an exaggeration – they are addictive, if nothing else.

I shall do them in the order I discovered them, saving the best for last, as is tradition. So, first up, is The Simpsons: Tapped Out. The premise is simple – Homer Simpson is playing with his MyPad (teehee) in work at the nuclear plant, gets distracted and somehow causes a melt down that destroys all of Springfield. You, the player, then have to earn money and donuts to unlock and build all of the town’s buildings and characters. Simples.


It is too addictive. It takes forever to earn enough money to do anything, but somehow, this is not so much a deterrent to play as a motivational tool. The game builds on years of Simpsons trivia and hilarity – catch phrases, famous episodes, beloved minor characters – all are pimped in the hope of keeping you hooked. Unfortunately, they want you hooked for a very obvious reason. In order to get the game to progress any faster, you need to spend (rather a lot) of real world money on in-game bonuses.

Urm, no. If I wanted to pay for a game, I would not be scrolling the ‘Top Free’ chart on the App Store, thank you very much.


Next up is Sonic Dash. I went through a good month long phase of being hooked on Temple Run (and Temple Run 2), so when I saw that my favourite blue hedgehog had stepped into the arena, I knew I had to give the little guy a chance. And not to be a fangirl, but it’s SO GOOD. Like Temple Run, but more colourful, cuter and with more incentive to play (I must, must earn enough red rings to unlock Knuckles).

It’s also a great deal harder, which is nice, because as a constant phone gamer (which is like a step down from casual gamer, but I step up from VTech children’s games, I reckon) I appreciate a bit more of a challenge. Usually you just feel like your doing something to keep your idle hands busy, you know? Yet this little number is a great time burner, and calls for real concentration. An unfortunate side effect of this is the swearing on public transport and the splitting pain of dry eyeballs.

Oh well.

Gameplay screen shot.

Game play screen shot.

FINALLY. My most recent download, which is unfortunately not going to be on my phone for very long, because it runs about as slowly as I do. That is very, very slowly indeed.

The Injustice: Gods Among Us app is obviously just another advertising tool that DC/Warner Bros./NetherRealm have pulled out of their box of tricks; but oh, it is such a fantastic box. The build up to this game has been so well done that fans are working themselves in a frenzy counting down the hours to the UK release. From the YouTube interviews, to the character reveal clips and the MASSIVE roster, this is surely what advertising should be.

On the other hand, I think I’ve seen everything the game has to offer, and I occasionally feel like I’m drowning in clips of Bane fighting Batman AGAIN.

He's still my boy though, aren't you Batman?

He’s still my boy though, aren’t you Batman? (Screen shot of the opening sequence)

On to the game itself – it’s obviously just a snippet of the glory the full console game will have. Attacks and blocks are done by well timed taps and swipes, and you don’t get a lot of characters to fight as (you start with Sinestro, Nightwing and Lex – I’m not sure if you get more as the game goes on) and there’s no story line at all, just little fights. Still, the graphics are neat, it’s another good little time burner, and Nightwing is sexy.

All these games are available to download now, FOR FREE! I may have to do another blog on apps that are actually helpful and useful, and not just for filling in your commute to and from work, but for now, that’s your lot.

If you have been hooked on an awesome smartphone game, I want to know about it. Go tell me on the FACEBOOK PAGE! Also, like it, because I like you. So very, very much.


First up, a pouty disclaimer. I do not claim to know everything about every comic book ever. That is more information that can fit in the human brain. Unless you are Stephen Hawking, in which case, you are to busy thinking about to the universe to think about Batman.

Second up, I am a DC girl. This does not mean I hate Marvel, or that I am planning to assassinate Stan Lee. I just dig Batman, is all.

I love Stan Lee, for the record. I like to cheer when he makes his cameos, I know he would like that I do.

Can you feel the love?

So, you want some comic books. It’s best to start small and go from there. Don’t buy everything on the ‘new releases’ wall in Forbidden Planet, because that’s like marrying someone before you’ve even dated them. Unnecessary commitment. Research.

Do you want blood and guts and gore and maiming? Check out The Walking Dead, The Punisher or 2000AD (starring Judge Dredd, who is seeing the bright light of fame and notoriety again after the recent- and awesome- Dredd 3D).

You can take the zombies out of the gore, etc.

If you’re after hugely recognizable characters with a butt-load of variety and a warm fuzzy feeling of familiarity, then take a peek at the Marvel roster. Spiderman, the X-men and the Avengers. Each of these are mid-movie franchise, with X-men and Spiderman being highly acclaimed reboots and the Avengers being a shiny, new, Whedonesque masterpiece.

Finally, and this is where I get all gushy and biased, if you are after superb writing, well-rounded (and wonderfully insane) characters and art that will make you weep with joy – give The New 52 a go. Last year, DC rebooted 52 of it’s best known titles, in an attempt to pull together the continuity a little better. And so far, so good. In my humble opinion, this is a great place for anyone to start, because each of the titles is only on #13 (at the most), and the first twelve (and the #0 issues, released on the one year mark) are easy enough to get your hands on without breaking the bank.

The Bat-Family went and got all grown up.

I haven’t read every title, but the ones that I am collecting are amazing. Particularly Batgirl, but I would say that.

That was a very vague over view, but I’m sure you get my point. Think about what you think you might be able to get into. Ask people for their opinion, there are literally hundreds of forums on the web, very friendly staff in Forbidden Planet, and a wonderful Northern Ireland based geekery blog called RefugeekNI, that you can find on both Facebook and Twitter…

Hint. Hint hint hint.

Tweet. Tweet tweet tweet.

Oh, and it’s worth knowing, comics won’t often make sense if you just buy random ones – they are generally printed in story ‘arcs’, which start in one issue (usually a random number, there isn’t really a set system) and end a few months down the line. It’s worth checking where in the arc a new issue is – you might have a lot of back story to hunt down.

These story arcs are compiled into graphic novels. This is where I started. Buying paperbacks are easier than hunting down issue after issue, and they’re more readily available (Waterstones has a reasonable selection).

When it comes to where to buy – this is Northern Ireland. We are not swamped with options. Forbidden Planet is a tad expensive, but it is convenient, and they have variety. Always nice when you are new and impressionable.

If you prefer not to leave your house/cave/fortress of solitude, then there is the internet. I don’t shop a lot online, because I don’t always trust that issues will be in great condition.

I’m paranoid like that.

I have used and, and they are pretty good. Remember that in most cases, you’ll be ordering from America, and delivery can be a slow and costly bitch.

Anyway. This has turned into an essay, but it needed to be, promise.

Research, ask, enjoy. Easy.