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I really must have mentioned this brilliant little shop before, but I figured that I should devote a whole blog to it’s wonders, because it truly is a treasure trove.
The Corium sells handmade, locally sourced nick-nacks and whosits, and recently opened an online store (so if you’re stuck indoors because of, for example, snow, you can still shop ’til you drop). If you are out and about braving the weather, you can visit the shop in Belfast, just around the corner from Forbidden Planet and Urban Outfitters, right opposite Alley Cat.


Anyway, I’ve been browsing their online store – here are a few of my very favourite things.


Mushroom salt & pepper shakers

These are adorable, are they not? Anyone who buys them and does not immediately draw little faces on them so that they look like Mario mushrooms is no friend of mine.

Only £5.50, too! Bargain, especially if you compare with the extortionate prices for similar products in a certain nearby hipster-factory.


Lego Boba Fett necklace

Have you ever seen anything that is such a perfect balance of kick-ass and adorable? No, you have not. Look at his little hands! There are a few necklaces in this style – and £8 is a steal for something like this. Mind you, they do have a Jar Jar Binks necklace, which is of course the ugliest, most inappropriate thing I’ve ever seen, you should only buy it if you plan to melt it.

I am not a Jar Jar fan, could you guess?


Batman key-ring

Plucked from the sale section of The Corium’s website, these freakin’ adorable little key-ring people are in short supply. At £3.99, it’s no wonder. I would like one, please. He could keep my little string-person-Spiderman key-ring company.

I like that his slightly wonky eyes make it look like he’s glaring at you. Realism.


Titanic t-shirt

I find it a tad bizarre that Belfast is proud of the Titanic. Yes, it’s cool that it was made here, but there are some very quiet rumours that the ship didn’t actually do very well once it was out on the big blue wet thing.

Still, it pulls in the tourists, so I suppose it can only be a good thing. And the witty t-shirt (£9.99, by the by), has a point…

Next time you are in Belfast, it is well worth hunting this tiny little cave of magical thing-a-ma-bobs. Be prepared to spend a small fortune though, you won’t be able to resist. You can find The Corium on Facebook, here.

You can find me on Facebook, here.


Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a recession going on. I know, I know – I’m sick of hearing about it too, but things are getting pretty bad. My beloved Lisburn is becoming a ghost town; so many shops and businesses have closed that it surprises me that anyone has a job at all. Belfast is not much better, although the list of problems that city has going on at the minute would take a whole other blog/lifetime to document. Hell, even Primark is seeing hard times, things in there are getting expensive. For Primark. Still reasonable in comparison with real shops.

Primark is imaginary.

We’re even losing HMV! Who saw that coming? The place was queued out the door for two months before Christmas, over-priced everything and was pretty much the only place to buy (first hand) DVDs and such. Maybe if the staff had smiled more?

So. Here is my contribution. Cute and geeky things available on the high street at the moment. Yeah, the internet is great, but sometimes it’s nice to do some real shopping. Outside. Where the people are.

I suppose you could buy these things online, from where you’re sitting right now, but…delivery costs and…

Have a heart.

If this passes for fashion these days, I am finally ahead of the curve.

If this is what passes for fashion these days, I am finally ahead of the curve.

Actually, can someone buy me this? Please?

Actually, can someone buy me this? Please?

MUCH cheaper here than anywhere else I've seen similar things...

MUCH cheaper here than anywhere else I’ve seen similar things…

Boys get cooler pants than girls.

Boys get cooler pants than girls.

A cat! Wearing glasses!

A cat! Wearing glasses!

There. Go. Walk around your failing high street. Spend your earnings.

Unless you don’t have a job in which case, y’know, recession. Sorry.


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