It is so, so hard to do these blogs without buying ridiculous amounts of EVERYTHING. I need more willpower. Scratch that, I need more money. Then I could have all the things, and that would be wonderful. Anyway, onwards to geekery and temptation.

As has become tradition, all the things I have featured and drooled over are the creations of Belfast and Northern Ireland; proof that we can make something other than the news, once in a while.

First up, an adorable little handmade charm from CCKJewellery (Callie Cupcake’s Kawaii Jewellery), in the form of Jake, the incredible expanding dog from Adventure Time.



As per usual and always and forever, click the picture of the marvelous treasures to be magically transported to the Etsy page, where you can be quickly parted with your money.

I have to admit, I have only recently discovered Adventure Time. I got Sky, I got Cartoon Network, I got Adventure Time. It’s so brilliant, although  I completely fail to see how children can find it half as entertaining as slightly inebriated adults do.

If you are as much of a fan as I am, then you should check out this offering from Hallion Clothing, too…


I am obsessed with this Etsy store at the minute; the geekiest t-shirts in the world, and for a steal. A STEAL.

I am a girl and as such, I like cushions. I am a geek and as such, I like comic book chicks who kick ass. This is obviously the perfect thing for one of y’all to buy me, yes? Yes. Super retro, adorable and won’t cost you the earth.

Finally, these sneakers from Glimmer and Shimmer – an Etsy store I did not know existed until today. And I spend an awful lot of time on Etsy. Strange. Anyway, shoes! Hand painted and custom ordered, in men’s sizes 6-12, but it seems that the shop owner might be willing to take suggestions and requests, particularly for ladies’ shoes. Useful, for those of us who are lazy/artistically challenged.


These look really well done, and are varnished so that the paint doesn’t run away with the Northern Irish climate. The shop sells a lot of  customized shoes, but mostly seems to focus on Disney themes. Not a bad thing, just worth a mention, I’m sure.

That’s your lot for the time being, but I highly suggest you check Etsy, on at least an hourly basis. The ‘shop local’ function is equally worth checking out, I assure you, you’ll be surprised about just how talented Belfast can be.