This is an important blog. Make yourself comfortable, get a cup of tea (or rum, depending on the time of day) and prepare to hear the good news. Not about Jesus; about Sky.

Now, if you already have Sky TV none of this will be news to you. You probably even take it for granted, because you haven’t had to put up with the complex and miserable alternatives (here’s looking at you, BT Vision). When I lived with my parents, who are very loyal Sky subscribers, all I did was channel flick between Kerrang! and Scuzz, which have both gone massively downhill – presumably because music is getting worse as I get older. Shut up, it is.

I rest my case.

I rest my case.

NOW though, now I am using Sky to further my appreciation of the wonders of the universe. I watched a documentary about the Zambezi river this morning. I don’t know why, but I’m sure it will come in useful at some point. And oh, the potential for procrastination is overwhelming.

My very lovely boyfriend even went and did a very lovely thing and expanded our shiny new package to include the extra documentary channels (National Geographic, y’all) and the freakin’ kids channels. Yesterday, I ate lots of cornflakes and watching Sonic Underground and Thundercats.  Yeah, so I haven’t really changed much since I was five, but this is entirely irrelevant, because those cartoons are awesome. All cartoons are awesome. Right now, I am watching Dora The Explorer and I’m not even drunk. I am, in fact, learning Spanish from a monkey.

...I think I look like a much, much paler Dora. I'm not sure how to feel about this.

…I think I look like a much, much paler Dora. I’m not sure how to feel about this.

This is quickly turning into an ode to Sky as written by a primary school child…

My name is Stacey and I like Sky because there are cartoons and I am allowed to watch as much TV as I want and I like Spanish monkeys.

…so let me get to the point. We got Sky mainly for all the amazing original programs that we can get through this TV service that we can’t get from anywhere else – Game Of Thrones (obviously), Defiance, Spartacus (just in time for it to end, typical), Revolution, Da Vinci’s Demons…the list goes on and it just gets better and better. That’s before I even mention movies or sit-coms (I can watch Friends again, via Comedy Central! Yay!)

I intend to spend tonight getting acquainted with some of this fabulous new programming. Blogs likely to follow. So many blogs.

S (is for Sky).