On a Sunday and everything! All hail me! Excuses if this seems short or rushed, but I do have a life. Sort of. I have a lot of YouTube to get caught up with, which is sort of the same thing…

So. Review-time-goodness. This week I bring you, not a book or a video game, but a television program. A terrible, terrible television program; that is also somehow amazing.

Catchphrase is back! This very evening, Catchphrase put out a new episode for the first time since 2002. I googled that little fact obviously, but to be honest, I was extremely surprised to discover that it was actually on for that long to begin with. It is a quintessentially ’80s program that plagued my early childhood (I was never any good at it and tonight I discovered that I am still fairly rubbish. A nice little blow to my ego), and I sort of thought that it might be better left to the tacky past. Alas, no, it has been reincarnated with that bloke off CITV. I don’t even know his name…Steve something?

Seen here : Steve Something.

Seen here : Steve Something.

Then again, I don’t remember the original dude’s name either…Clint? He looks a bit like a Clint.

A friend with too much free time informs me his name is, in fact, Roy Walker.

A friend with too much free time informs me his name is, in fact, Roy Walker. Check out those pearly whites.

And never fear, Catchphrase fans! That scary robot Chip thing is back too, only ITV’s CGI budget has thrown up on him.

While the drinking game possibilities are endless and I am screaming at my television right now (one of these women is so stupid, it’s obviously…wait…no…it’s not), something’s just not right. I think we may be over the idea of a shiny TV game show, with all the standard prizes and overly scripted jibes from the overly oiled presenter. Don’t get me wrong, it’s entertaining, but maybe somethings should just be left in the ’80s.


Yes. Somethings should be left to the ’80s.