Do you like blogs? I like blogs. I am obviously quite a fan of writing them, but believe it or not, I do read them too, from time to time.

I especially like when a blog is terrible. I once read one (no, I’m not going to tell you who by or where you can find it, because that’s so mean), but it was essentially some wee lady from Belfast, talking about her sexual conquests. “N ten he did me up da bk of da Waterfrnt”…I really wish I was kidding, but it did have me in stitches for about three weeks.

ANYWAY. On to blogs that are decent and don’t scar delicate brain matter…

If you are a girl (or a very modern type of man), then you might be interested to read That Belfast Girl. The blog itself is mostly about fashion and the such (I wish I could dress well, but I generally look like a hobo), but my favourite parts of said Belfast girl’s adventures are the awesome events she gets invited to, and reviews of lovely Belfast restaurants.

Next up, Panic Dots. If you don’t know what Panic Dots is…well, you obviously don’t live in the greater Belfast/Lisburn area, where there are little pink stickers advertising the site absolutely everywhere. Everywhere.

Panic Dots is not so much a blog as a whole grown-up website, devoted to the Northern Ireland entertainment scene. Northern Ireland entertainment used to be an oxymoron. Not so much these days.

On closer inspection, Panic Dots actually get up to much more than I thought they did. Go read about it here.

Next up is a controversial choice, perhaps. I’m not trying to chase anyone away from this glorious blog, or force my own teeny opinions in your face – I am just a fan of good writing and free thinking. On that note, Atheism NI is worth checking out. The site has recently had a face-lift and it looks awfully spiffy; it’s packed with religious and atheist arguments/debates/tidbits from politics, international news and even Twitter. I’m a particular fan of THIS recent post.

Finally, The most recent addition to my weekly blog checking, but perhaps the one I look forward to the most. Fashion, baking, the world’s most adorable puppy, baking and BAKING. Such baking. This über talented lady sells cupcakes at St. George’s Market (as The Lily Pink Bakery), and once you have one, you will want to have fifty.

Damn. Now I’m hungry.