Okay! I finally remembered to do one of these on time. The down side is, I don’t think I really have anything I want to review. I have literally done nothing all week, except for watch The Office (US, naturally), play drinking Jenga and eat fast food. I am an inspiration, I know.

Oh! I suppose there is this one other thing that I do all the time. Just before Christmas, I discovered Supernatural. I realize that everyone else discovered Supernatural years and years and years ago, but it is pretty new to me. Mind you, I am catching up nicely – about to start season seven, so I think I average about two seasons a month.

Which is actually sort of sad.

Anyway, if you are not familiar with the concept of the show, it’s about two brothers (who both won the gene-pool lottery and are brain-warpingly good looking) who travel all over America being monster hunters. One of the brothers is Jensen Ackles (formerly of Days Of Our Lives) and one of them is Jared Padalecki (who used to be on the Gilmore Girls), but don’t let their dodgy acting pasts or floppy hair scare you away. Given the way I feel about horror movies (why would you pay money to have someone make you scared and miserable?), it’s a bit of a surprise addiction, because at times it can be really bloody creepy. Ghost kids and piles of skin and people exploding; the works. It also happens to be hilarious. There’s this one episode where they end up in an alternate dimension, where they are actors playing themselves on a TV series. No, really.

I don’t really know how else to sell the show to people who don’t already watch it. There are hot girls, sometimes? The music is awesome (but only if you really like Kansas)? There is really no point to this blog what-so-ever, I just needed an excuse to bring up Misha Collins and my insane love for his perfect face. It needed to be on the internet, somewhere.

Ours is a real and perfect love.

Ours is a real and perfect love.

I have discovered, in recent weeks, that I actually have a super power that is very closely tied to this particular TV show. I am slightly psychic about it. I always know what’s going to happen, but only about thirty seconds before it happens. It’s not a great super power I’ll grant you, but I’m sure not all the X-men were that useful.

Anyway, if you haven’t already given Supernatural a chance, you really should. You’ve got a whole heap of catching up to do.