SPOILERS. There. I warned you.



I am a huge Batman fan. Huge. Before Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale even moon-walked onto the scene (hand in hand, is how I best like to picture it), I was already dressing up as Batman villains at Halloween.

I was the kid who always wanted to be Batgirl when we played Batman in the playground, whenever other girls thought Catwoman was cooler. My first boyfriend once told me Catwoman was cooler than Batgirl, and while I’m not saying that’s the reason I dumped him…

Well, yes, it probably was. Deal with it.

So don’t underestimate what I mean when I say that I am emotionally involved with the Batman franchise. The villains are, perhaps, the best written ‘bad guys’ in any universe, the supporting characters are downright lovable (Commissioner Gordon is the original silver fox) and the Bat-family…well, they are MY Bat-family. I care about them, too much. Mock me all you want, but the New 52 has been a roller coaster for me. Barbara Gordon got her cowl back (and Gail Simone continued to make her beautiful and clever and BRILLIANT), and Death Of The Family had me on my toes. I was so sure that they were going to kill someone off. I was so sure that I was going to lose Nightwing.

Then…no one died. It was an anti-climax, sure, but I was so relieved. And, after weeks of demanding someone take me to Forbidden Planet, I thought…comics can wait for a week. I have essays to write, work to do…I will be responsible, and mature, and my comics can wait.

This is when it happened. No, not even in Batman or Batman and Robin, or one of the titles I even collect, but in Batman Incorporated. In Batman Incorporated, they killed off Damian Wayne.


I am not happy. Not happy at all. Like everyone else, I despised the child when he first popped up in a Robin costume in 2006; I thought he hadn’t earned the right. I’m not a great Grant Morrison fan either (blasphemy, huh?), I just don’t think he can put any heart in his characters. It was the other writers who swayed it for me – Tomasi (New 52 author), made Damian a real ten year old boy, who just happened to be a super ninja millionaire vigilante. With a doggy.

A doggy always helps give a character some heart, don’t you think?

Typical. I soon as I start really loving a character (enough to start buying the Batman and Robin title, even!), they squish him. Like a bug under a windshield wiper; quick, quiet and pointless. Don’t you think Batman deserved some happiness and a little bit of family, Grant Morrison? Why did you take that away, Grant Morrison? Just because you’re done writing Batman Inc.? Was it so important to take your character with you?!

Sorry. I realize Mr. Morrison will never read this, and if he does…well, I’m very sorry, but I’m a wreck. It’s been a very hard week. We had a death in the family.


p.s. You can find a better, slightly less creepy and emotional article on the subject here: Requiem For A Robin.