On Monday again. Drat, and after I was doing so well.

After many years of avoiding Lisburn Omniplex like the plague (I did work there for a little while, and for some reason, I rarely go back to places where I have previously worked. I don’t know why, I just find it odd), I have recently been haunting the place once again. Renting or downloading movies is all well and good, but there’s nothing quite as nice as a date night in the cinema. I like to plan it so there are no children there while I am and sneak in my own popcorn. It’s the little things.

Anyway, I have seen a variety of movies in the last month or so, of varying degrees of goodness. That was terrible grammar. Hansel And Gretel 3D? No no no, very, very bad. A Good Day To Die Hard? Entertaining, but a little devoid of believable emotion/character.

Wreck It Ralph? Bloody fantastic. And adorable. With sprinkles.

First of all, I will have you under no illusions – this is a children’s movie. It’s not like Monsters Inc. or Toy Story, where there are a ton of  jokes thrown in for the adults…this is all for kids. That does not, in any way, detract from it’s sheer brilliance.

It’s about video games, so what’s not to like? Lots of retro favourites make appearances; Pac-man, Sonic, Bowser, Dr. Robotnik (or Egg-man, depending on your generation), the list goes on. Very pleasing. Metal Gear Solid gets a teeny tiny reference too, so obviously they are expecting this to be a film that fathers will end up taking their children to.

I’m not being sexist, I’m just psychic about marketing techniques.

The movie itself is colourful, funny and well-written, and the cast is huge and famous. Which is good, if, like me, you are a fan of the ‘Who’s voice is that and what else were they in?’ game. I am a particular fan of the (obviously) Gears Of War inspired marine chick, the poor, long suffering members of the villains support group, and the Sugar Rush racers, who are just too adorable. Girly moment. Sorry.

Look at their little faces!

The tiniest bit of research (Wikipedia, obvs) has informed me that Ralph was nominated for a whole bunch of awards, and won a whole bunch of other ones. Oh, look at that, they’re already in talks about a sequel.


Brilliant. Bring it on.