No, it’s not Eminem. It’s me. Sorry to get your hopes up.

This makes me desperately unhappy.

This makes me desperately unhappy.

I thought, before I throw myself back into the wonderful world of blogging, that I would tell you, in a nutshell, what I’ve been up to.


Except for that I finally started my Master’s degree. If you know me at all, or read my blogs enough to have built up an imaginary friendship with me in your head, you might be aware that I graduated in 2011. That’s an awfully long time ago, to my mind. I had intended to go straight into my Master’s and be super professional and employable by now, but then freedom and the chance to work full time beckoned, and I ended up working somewhere that was really not relevant to my interests/personality/feelings about repetitive floral patterns; just for a little while. I won’t say where, in case they find this and sue me or something.

Screw it. It was here.

Screw it. It was here.

Anyway, finally I am back on target, and heading towards my dream of being the Master of Classical History. I thought it would be easy, I thought I would walk it. It is not easy, and I am not walking it. In fact, I am hiking it. My brain hurts all the time, and I am so very, very sick of fighting with my laptop/Microsoft Word/the printer.

I can attest, however, that the Open University is incredible. My tutor is lovely, that payment plan is perfectly manageable and the resources they send are enough to drown yourself in. In fact, they may very well get a blog to themselves, soon.

In conclusion, I plan on managing my time much better, blogging much more and being much happier.

Keep an eye out?