If you are anything like me, you have approximately two hundred and fifty things to do in any given day. And, if you are anything like me, you make the executive decision to ignore all these things so that you can watch cat videos on YouTube.

YouTube is the ultimate enemy of productivity – vast, varied and endlessly entertaining; in my student days it was not unknown for me to skip the occasional lecture or tutorial to watch videos that have little or no educational value.

However, there is no avoiding some serious YouTube love, and as such, I thought I would share with you some of the channels/videos that I timetable into my week.

Geek & Sundry


Of course this has to come first. Geek & Sundry was launched in 2012, as part of  a YouTube ‘original channel’ initiative. Fronted by actress and personal girl-crush Felicia Day, the channel (and internet community) is centered around all those things we hold dear – comics, games, books and hobbies.

I am a huge fan. They host a number of weird and wacky shows, but here is a run down of my favourites.

The Flog – Felicia Day’s video blog, in which she does marvellous things, like fall in love with CPR dummies and milk goats.

The Flog

Written By A Kid – They take a ten year old’s story and turn it into a mini-movie! Too cute – and Joss Whedon has popped up in an episode.

THE GUILD! – Can’t leave this out. No way. Although it pre-dates the creation of Geek & Sundry, The Guild is now hosted on the channel, and revolves around Codex and her guild, who play a MMORPG called ‘The Game’ more than they do anything else.

If you haven’t had a Geek & Sundry marathon yet, go do it now. Catch up, and become a complete addict. If you click on the marvellous picture of Felicia Day above, you can find all the goodies Geek & Sundry have to offer.

Zero Punctuation 

Given that I am a relatively young woman, I am a bitter old crone. I don’t like anything. Or anyone. And anybody younger than me is loud and inconsiderate. I have found my internet soul mate, in the form of Yahtzee. Through his show Zero Punctuation (hosted on The Escapist), Yahtzee reviews hundreds of games. Which is interesting, given that he doesn’t seem to enjoy any games very much at all.

With the exception of Batman: Arkham Asylum (and City) and Portal 2, obviously.

So, if you don’t mind your favourite games being slated and your IQ being continuously called into question, go check him out.


Simon’s Cat

I know everyone in the world is familiar with Simon’s Cat and his adorable cartoon adventures, but I just can’t get enough of these animated shorts. And, as a reasonably recently new kitty owner, I can totally sympathize.

They really might as well speak English, sometimes.

They really might as well speak English, sometimes.

Neil’s Puppet Dreams

Hosted on the Nerdist channel, and starring Neil Patrick Harris (the one and only Dr. Horrible), this new web series is bizarre, fluffy and musical. With guest appearances from Nathan Fillion and Neil’s trouser weasel, I am already a huge, huge fan.

Also. Puppets!


These are just a few of my favourites – obviously I don’t feel like I need to mention Jenna Marbles and My Drunk Kitchen, because everyone watches those, right? Also. Cat videos. Hundreds of cat videos.