I feel I have neglected my pledge to be Northern Ireland specific lately, but in my defense, riots and attacks make it hard to want to promote any tourism in Belfast – geeky or otherwise.

January 2nd – 27th

The first upcoming event I have stumbled upon is one I have actually never heard of – but it sounds strange and wonderful and promising. I will admit – I have stolen a little excerpt from Discover Northern Ireland on this one – it makes it sounds better than I ever could.

Out to Lunch is back! Belfast’s brightest, boldest boutique bespoke arts festival returns for the eighth time to invigorate the extremities with its welcoming, warming stew of music, comedy, theatre and literature. From the 2- 27 January, the Black Box on Hill Street will extend new year celebrations in a gloriously unseemly fashion and illuminate the darkest month of the year with a programme to stimulate, delight and entertain audiences.

Said programme can be viewed by clicking below…


January 17th

You can catch purveyor of nonsense Tony Law at the Black Box! Marvellous. Remember that one time we interviewed him? Memories.

February 10th

And now for something a little different. I am a big kid, and any learning is good learning. Animals are also cute. Belfast Zoo is celebrating Chinese New Year with talks and the such – and free entry for anyone born in the year of the snake! I was born in 1989…lucky me!

February 16th & 17th

HEROES AND LEGENDS! Taking place in W5, this annual convention is just about as geeky as Northern Ireland gets. Hurrah. Cosplay, exceptional displays and interesting guests, this is well worth a look. Hell, I’m even considering taking part. Any excuse to dress up and take hundreds of pictures of myself.

I’ve been to this convention before, and I can sincerely recommend it. There’s a handy countdown on their website and everything…all the details and guests (Percy Weasley!) can be found at www.heroesandlegendscon.com


Of course, it is very slowly turning from winter to spring, and I am a big fan of Northern Ireland’s walks and potential adventures – take a break from the Xbox and the cinema and get out and about. See the world, starting with your own little corner of it!

I won’t be held responsible if you develop pneumonia, mind you. Besides. You might stumble across some interesting people filming interesting things.