‘Tis the season to spend time with (and money on) your loved ones, and there are a lot of fantastic geeky dates you can impress a romantic interest with in Northern Ireland.

Or, y’know, your parents or siblings or friends, if you have made an early New Year’s Resolution to spurn the touch of others. I’m just saying. Dates are nice.

So, I think I would be remiss not to start with the Continental Market, outside City Hall in Belfast. I’ve mentioned it before, I’m aware, but as we approach the miserable time when it leaves us again for another 6 months (it comes back in June for a little while), it’s worth another plug.

Now that the masses have all been to have a look, you’re less likely to get crushed, too. And it IS geeky, because you can buy weird and wonderful things there, and what are we geeks, if not weird and wonderful?

Next up, head down to the QFT and experience true culture, whilst exploring literary history. Indeed, The Muppet Christmas Carol is playing on the big screen! Some dates are already sold out, but this is a festive experience that I truly believe everyone should have. Hands down, my favourite Christmas movie. What’s yours? That’s nice.

Historical literary figures Rizzo the rat & The Great Gonzo.

Historical literary figures Rizzo the rat & The Great Gonzo.

If you feel like doing something a little more hands on (I didn’t mean that as a sexual innuendo, but we are talking about dating, and these things happen), I always recommend a visit to W5, to feed your inner science geek. As well as all the standard games and exhibits and geektacular information, you can also see a selection of Will Sliney’s artwork. I have also mentioned this before, but the guy does great work, and Star Wars is all over the news right now.

Although I can't quite remember why...

Although I can’t quite remember why…

Finally, if you are feeling especially geeky and you’re trying to impress your date/family with how grown up and smart you are, head down to the Ulster Museum, where you can see ancient artifacts and amazing works of art covered in tinsel.

Nothing says romance like a tiny dead Egyptian chick.

Nothing says romance like a tiny dead Egyptian chick.

I kid, they don’t put tinsel on everything. Just…most things.

Regardless of your age, though, the museum makes a great day out, and best of all, it’s free!

Enjoy the run up to Christmas, and keep an eye out on the blog for more seasonal ramblings and wafflings.