I am one of those girls who goes all gooey eyed over the royal family. And also, babies. So, you can imagine that the idea of a royal baby has just pushed me right over the edge. I am particularly into the fact that this foetus could grow up to be our King, or Queen.

I blame this fascination on the monarchy with the hundreds of hours I spent playing Fable 3…


Like 90% of the people I know, I have built my entire personality and moral system through playing video games. I can only assume this will be more and more common in the future, and, with this is mind, I thought I could offer some advice to our teensy, cute little baby ruler to be. In the form of unrealistic virtual role models, obviously.

The Hero, Fable 3

I already mentioned that I love this game, so I am biased. There is a great deal a young ruler can learn from this game and it’s protagonist, mostly – if you have to piss off the population to save their lives, it’s probably worth it.

Good training for money management and dealing with bandits, too.

Using fireballs, also a useful skill for leading the masses.

Using fireballs, also a useful skill for leading the masses.

Ulfric Stormclock, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

It’s important that any potential King or Queen should learn history, and Skyrim is an incredibly historically accurate game. Right? Yeah, I figured.

Anyway, Ulfric Stormcloak grew up with great struggle and knows how to deal with adversity. He also fights to save a crumbling Empire, and, well, Britain isn’t what it used to be.

He can also fight dragons. That’s bound to come in useful at some point.

Varian Wrynn, World Of Warcraft 

Azeroth is a massive community – multi-cultural, multi-racial and extremely violent. Ruling it must be a bitch, but the leader of the Alliance manages, somehow.

Also, the unemployment rates are super low, so that’s something to aspire to.

Well. That was tenuous at best, but I’m excited about the baby. I don’t know why. I just am. Don’t judge.

You're welcome, guys.

You’re welcome, guys.