First of all, I am incredibly biased. As a huge fan of the Fable games, perhaps I am not the best choice to try and objectively review a game that I was counting down the days until the release, but I promise you, I shall try my very best.

For example, to show how I can, in fact, find faults in the game, I’ll start with a negative. Not a big one, but it seriously affects my enjoyment of the game…I hate the protagonist. This main character, Gabriel, is so irritating that I occasionally have to mute the game. He is whiny, extremely unfunny and he falls over a lot. He also likes his horse a little more than is natural or normal.

That’s a lot of love.

I haven’t completed the whole thing yet, perhaps I will warm to him. It seems unlikely, mind you.

He’s also a boy. I know, shock horror, but after the gender choice given in both Fable 2 and 3, not having one here seems a tad regressive. I know it’s a stand alone title, that doesn’t follow the story of the Archon bloodline like the others (err…the hero family, in case you don’t follow the games as avidly as I do), but I always appreciate the opportunity to play as a girl. I know it’s extremely limiting in a lot of games, but I don’t know many people who wouldn’t rather play as someone with the same basic anatomy as themselves. It’s something to do with relatability, I’m sure.

Anyway, onward to the actual gameplay. I’ll be quite brief, because it is  Kinect game, after all, and I think we all know what to expect by now. It is quite sensitive, mind you, you don’t have to gesture wildly to do something small, so that’s nice, I guess.

You spend a lot of your time steering a horse and cart through various forests/obstacle courses/villages, and yes, it grows pretty old pretty fast, but it’s broken up nicely with arcade like games.

Mostly, the highlight of the game is the actual spell casting element. You flick your wrist at the screen and THINGS EXPLODE. If you play it for long enough, you forget that you cannot do this in real life, and attempt to explode people you don’t like in the street.

It doesn’t work.

The graphics are much like the other Fable games, there’s a great cartoon-style aspect to the game, which means that nothing is really all that scary. Balverines and The Devourer are likely to make you jump though, but anything you have to run away from is meant to be a little bit spooky, yes?

And yes, Queen of Spookiness Theresa is still floating around.

All in all, most definitely worth a go, if you a fan of Kinect games. If not…well, this game is 100% Kinect, 100% of the time. You move, you shout, you wave your arms about like an idiot. This is the future of gaming, the days of moving nothing but your thumbs and your eyeballs, they are numbered!

This game is such good fun, the story line is strong, and Albion is still recognisable and familiar. Yes, there is physical effort involved and the main character is annoying as hell, but the novelty of throwing fireballs at hobbes – I don’t see that wearing thin too soon.