Mr Tony Law is a self professed Piking (a mixture of Viking and Pirate). Tony wonders the world with his on-the-spot spirals of endless stories, filled with belly laughs and many giggles. Sharks (painted as salmon fighting bears) in paddling pools, elephants feeling bewildered and ethnically oppressed in and Cartridge the time travelling wonder dog; all this and more await you, when you go to see Mr. Law live.

That is, when he’s not busy with Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Have I Got News For You, 8 Out Of 10 Cats or Russell Howard’s Good News.

Mr. Law performing at the first Comedy Presents gig, at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Tony, as per usual was more than happy to interact with us eager fans, and took some time to answer the following questions.

1. Firstly, how are you, where are you and how’s the weather?

                I am Zephyr lord of the wind!

2. Many moons ago, we saw you on the same bill as Franky Boyle here in Belfast. We where left    wondering, who actually wins that fight between the bear the shark (painted as a salmon)?


            3. What do you make of Belfast and it’s major collection of Game of Thrones extras?

                   Love it. Always have. One if the places that have always loved my brand of bollocks. Mental. And I’ve a lot of mates there who    remind me of my grandparents.

4. At a gig at the Mandela Hall recently, you mentioned Game of Thrones. Do you follow it? Would you go for a part?

Love it. Yes. Bloody would love to do that. But can’t get a look in.  Yet…

5. What are you ‘geeky’ for? (i.e, latest gadgets, comics, movies, etc)

Boardwalk Empire. Mary Beard’s Rome documentaries and anything that Tom Holland the Historian writes or presents.

6.Your known for being very interactive with your fans on both Twitter and Facebook, do you enjoy this electric link we all have now?


7. Struck by crazy radiation ray things, Tony Law arises with new powers and a new heroic name…what are they?

Marcus Aurelius. And slam down bullies and sexists.  Ficking prick shit horrible coward morons.

8.What have you got in the pipeline for the future?

This and that.  You will know straight away by twitter if it comes off.

Look forward to be amongst ye.

From all at RefugeekNI we say a huge thank you and good luck!

Tony can be found caressing our ear holes withhis  humour and banter on 17th January, in the Black Box Belfast. Get on down for guaranteed enjoyment and a great night.

Check Tony Law on Facebook and Twitter too, for daily shits and giggles.