Occasionally, I remember that I started the blog to keep people up to date with fantastical geekery going on around the country.

Today, I remembered that. So, in the run up to Christmas, here are some things you might want to check out/do/see.

Firstly, and in my opinion, most importantly, the Continental Market starts this Saturday (17th)! Outside Belfast City Hall, and packed with amazing food, fantastic crafts and strangely flavoured beer, I don’t know a single person who doesn’t count down the days to the market every year. It officially marks the start of Christmas…but maybe wait a week or so before you venture down? You might get crushed. Crazy busy.

For anyone from my own precious home town, we get a mini version. Click the picture and find out about the Lisburn Market!

From the 21st to the 25th, the Foyle Film Festival is celebrating 25 years! A must for local movie buffs, the Foyle Film Festival has been known to attract some BIG names, and this year is no exception – feature films, special events, workshops and more, well worth the trip to Londonderry/Derry (don’t yell at me for not picking one, and/or using both, because I DON’T CARE).

Former guests include SIR Kenneth Branagh!

Next up is something I have mentioned before, but it’s still on the go, and well worth a look see. Comic book artist Will Sliney (perhaps best known for his work on the Star Wars comic books) has a temporary exhibition up in W5 (at The Odyssey). I’ve seen some of this guy’s work at a convention a while ago, and he’s fantastic. Go have a nosy.

Finally, my love of St. George’s Market and Christmas have been conveniently bundled together, for their special seasonal market. I know for a fact that every stall holder in the market goes into over-drive at this time of year, so there’s more variety, bigger smiles and more glitter. Sparkle sparkle. I’ve mentioned the assorted geekery of St. George’s Market before, and it only gets better.

Go forth and enjoy. ‘Tis the season.