So, you’ve made the leap. You’ve moved out of your parents’ house, you’ve found a partner/friend/friends to live with, and you are ready to face the world as an independent human being.

Well done you.

If you are anything like me, you want your house to reflect your interests and passions. Ideally, I’d like someone to walk into my house, and immediately recognize that I live there. Without me being there in my pyjamas, obviously. The easiest way to do this, I suppose, would be to gather together all your action figures and collectibles, and put them on shelves in the middle of your living room. Of course, you run the risk of looking like this guy.

And nobody wants to be this guy.

So, maintaining your identity as a geek while still having a grown up house that your mother won’t laugh at – that’s the trick.

First things first, posters are for students. They’re not a bad thing, not at all, but they get grubby and horrible looking very quickly, and when you are as OCD as I am, this is not acceptable. I’m a fan of framing posters. In fact, I have a Batman poster framed in my living room, and it doesn’t look like a seven year old boy’s room. Success. Decent frames can be pricey, but if you have a poster commemorating something or someone that you are particularly fond of, it’s worth it, they’ll last much longer than the ones you stuck to your teenage bedroom walls with chewing gum.

I like canvases, too. Mostly, because of the huge variety of different geeky canvases available. Variety is nice, because, as much as I love Ikea, I hate when everyone’s house looks exactly the same. You want it to reflect you, and you want to love everything in the house.

Mind you, there’s also that one vase/clock/picture frame/lamp that somebody bought you and you haven’t got the heart to throw away, even though the very sight of it makes you want to smash it against a wall…

Spotted at TK Maxx Boucher Crescent a little while ago – variety, see?

They also aren’t overly costly, which is nice, because if you have just moved into your own place, you know that you don’t have an awful lot of disposable income.

Superhero canvas prints on Amazon!

Again, I am going to get all mushy about my love for St. George’s Market. I’ve already said that any house that is a replica of the Ikea catalogue makes me super sad, and you most definitely do not run this risk if you buy local, unique crafts from local artists you will not only bend over backwards to cater to your needs, but will appreciate your time, money and business far more than Ikea or Argos ever would.

Much the same goes for Etsy. Unique, strange, odd bits and bobs,  that you are unlikely to stumble across in your mate’s house. Either handmade or vintage pieces – most are investments that you will have around your house for years.

I went to the liberty of finding some of my favourite Etsy housewares…enjoy.

Mormons and insurance salespeople, beware.

For the romantic, tea-loving, Star Wars fans out there.

There’s literally an app for everything, huh?

I’m not a huge fan of wall decals, but these are brilliant!

These are literally just a selection of THOUSANDS of geeky housewares options – definitely worth checking out!

I don’t mean to bad-mouth Ikea or anything, it just so happens that it’s the best place in Belfast to buy anything for your house if you don’t want to spend more than a tenner, but the likes of The Corium in the city centre have great finishing touches, such as cushions and coasters and wooden plaques. Even Forbidden Planet is worth a look, they have started seriously stocking up for Christmas, and there’s a mass of stock to chose from – mugs, coasters, posters and figures are an easy way to get your geek on.

As per usual, I’m not overly sure what the point of this particular rant was, but I am hugely proud of my geeky little nest, and I think everyone should feel that way!


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