You may have noticed, but I have such a soft spot for Halloween. It may well be my favourite time of year, everything about it makes me insanely happy.

You should feel this way too. Here’s why.

  1. Fancy dress!

    Obviously! I would dress up every day of the year if it was socially acceptable, I think there’s something really cool about putting in all that effort to dress like somebody or something that you love. For a few nights of the year, you can go out dressed however the hell you want, and no one will judge you, stare at you, or make fun of you. It makes a nice change.

    See? We dig Halloween.

  2. Decorations.

    One of the main attractions to Halloween, for me, anyway, is the glorious cheese factor, and decorations play a big part in that. Fake cobwebs, plastic spiders, paper skeletons – Christmas, eat your heart out. We’ve got fake blood, we don’t need glitter.

  3. The music.

    The Monster Mash, Thriller, Time Warp, Everybody (Backstreet’s Back), the entire Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack…need I go on?

  4. Junk food.

    Free candy from strangers is not usually so universally encouraged, but hey, I’ll go with it.

  5. Atmosphere.

    I love October as it is, I am an autumn baby. I love getting all bundled up and going for walks in the freezing cold, and I love bare trees and I love how all the annoying little darlings have gone back to school. This is the best time of year, surely? And a nice big fancy dress party smack in the middle of it? Perfection.

  6. Everyone can get into it.

    Whether you are 5 or 50, there is something about Halloween you can appreciate. Free candy for kids, and girls in slutty costumes for everyone else. Delightful.

    On that note – I am all for the slutty costumes. As long as there’s a little effort put in there, and you haven’t just drawn wonky whiskers on your face.

    Feminists must hate Halloween.

  7. …but nobody has to.

    Unlike Christmas, New Years’, Easter or any other holiday, no one is under any obligation to throw themselves into it heart and soul. If you don’t dig it, don’t do it. Always a nice freedom to have.

  8. The movies.

    TV gets great around Halloween, even for those of us who can’t watch horror movies without crying.

    Ah, the classics.

  9. Everybody is just a little bit jumpy.

    Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, the fact that it is everywhere over the month of October seems to make everyone a believer. Ghost stories mean more, dark houses are all haunted and that noise you heard in the middle of the night? That was your killer at the back door.

  10. The parties.

    D’uh. There are many, and they are wonderful.

All these very clever and valid points aside, Halloween has to be a geek’s favourite holiday. It’s not everyday you’ll run into the roster of Street Fighter, or Master Chief or something, in a bar. Plus, our costumes are always the best.

Go forth, dress and drink and be terrified.


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