Brilliant! Can’t wait for this movie.

The Desert of the Real

A week ago, I said I would take a break from the 30 Day Television Challenge because I wanted to focus on some other projects. One of them being a post on the upcoming American election. I said I would like to have something written by today. However I am struggling to find my voice on the subject. What I want to write seems like it may become large and unwieldy. Honestly, it strikes me as something larger than which I’m willing to commit.

We’ll see.

Presently, breaking up the monotony of research and work on other projects, I want to say a few things about the new Iron Man 3 trailer.

I’m a big fan of the first Iron Man. The performances (Robert Downey Jr, obviously) and direction were brilliant. It managed to achieve something many comic book movies strive towards but rarely achieve: an exciting action movie…

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