I found this educational, completely baffling and wonderful. So wonderful.


Supernova Condensate

One of my favourite things to do from time to time on this blog is to answer peoples’ random silly science questions with… well… random silly science. And a friend of mine asked me a brilliant question the other day. A question about squeaky voices and helium balloons. Really really big helium balloons!

❝How many people could have had silly voices using the amount of helium in Felix Baumgartner’s balloon?❞

This past week, a man named Felix Baumgartner successfully managed a sky dive from 39 km up in the atmosphere and actually managed to break the sound barrier during his descent – the only human ever to do so without any kind of vehicle. Impressively, the balloon which Baumgartner jumped from, the Red Bull Stratos itself, was one of the largest balloons ever constructed. According to Gizmodo (who are usually quite a reliable source) the balloon was made to hold…

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