A Computing students’ life consists of three things – long, sleepless nights typing in code, long dragging days of talking in code and a mistaken identity, for someone who knows how to fix everything from ‘WHY WON’T THE PRINTER PRINT’ to the ‘travelling salesman problem’. Oh, and you’ll probably find that this person also has an ‘I love my computer’ mug – this should be given out as standard. Don’t be going looking for it in the kitchen cupboards though, it’ll be glued to the computer table by days old coffee stains.

Nobody likes old coffee.

So why study any one of the computing courses? Here are my top 5 reasons why you should consider ditching your mediocre, underwhelming day job/degree and become a computing student.

  1. Job Market and Opportunities.

The IT Sector is one of the fastest growing business sectors in Northern Ireland. Medicine, Dentistry and IT graduates are examples of some of a handful of degrees where students have a realistic chance of getting a job immediately in the weeks and months following their graduation. The global IT industry can only get bigger thus jobs are a plenty. In the last few years, Belfast has become a buzzing hub for the development of IT businesses, with global companies such as New York Stock Exchange and Liberty IT setting up camp Belfast. Computer Science, Computing and Information Technology, Software Engineering, Computer Games Design and Development, Physics and Electronics and Electrical Engineering are the main requirements for working in this fast paced and moving sector. Want a job after graduation? Choose computing.

These guys will never have to work in McDonalds.

2. Money.

A LOT of money is being pumped into the promotion of studying computing courses within Northern Ireland and also further afield. Universities are plagued each year by students who are keen on applying for Scholarships advertised by companies hoping to take under their wing successful candidates. These scholarships are worth more than any money Nicolas Cage SHOULD ever have earned in his acting career and are a huge boost when it comes to climbing the career ladder. Want your dream job before the time you’re 30? Choose computing.

3. Travel.

The world is your oyster when it comes to travelling with a computing job. New technologies are created each and everyday, and one day it might be your company bidding to build or design them. First class flights to Tokyo? Yes please. Five Star hotel in Dubai? Aye go’an then. Large companies will have businesses split over sites expanding the global – your training course as a brand new graduate may well be in this overseas branch. If travelling appeals to you, this is the industry to become involved in. The only thing you will need to consider is what type of beer you’d like served on the plane before take-off. Want to see the world in the seats of first class? Choose computing.

4. Crap that you learn.

Don’t get me wrong – this industry is not all play and no work. Signs for telling someone is a computing student:

  • Glazed, unseeing eyes at 9am
  • Hood up – coffee in one hand, laptop in another, at Starbucks
  • Talking in Java or C++
  • Making jokes in binary numbers
  • Shouting at the screen and bashing the keyboard repeatedly*
  • Giving off about that one bug that fucked them over for 3 days

*WARNING – never approach a computing student near deadline day. You may lose a limb.


The natural habitat.

Those studying computing degrees had to get good scores in their A-Levels (depending on which university you attend, of course!) thus, they are smart buggers. Doing a computing degree is something to be proud of – it is a well respected field. Due to the demand for computing students and high enrollment in computing courses, competition for graduate jobs can be tight – forcing students with 2.2 or lower to  sometimes reconsider their career path due to demand for 2.1 and firsts.

Computing is one of the most fascinating and diverse subjects that a student can choose to study. New technologies and gadgets are being developed every day all over the world, and current technology must scramble to keep up with it. Those dreaming, designing and developing this technology are people like you and me: you’ll never get bored, you’ll never complain about a lack of things to do, and you’ll always be at the forefront of some new development. Want to develop something that’s life changing and something you can be proud of? Choose computing.

5. People

Last but not least, the reason you should study computing is for the diverse, energetic and surprisingly social bunch that these students are. Please eradicate the following stereotypes from your memory:

  • The IT Crowd
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • The Office
  • Star Trek
  • People who wear glasses
  • Males, Males, Males

    Seen here: blatant stereotypes.

Women in computing are being seen more and more often, and there has been a massive drive not only in Northern Ireland but also across the world for female entrepreneurs! You can find people studying computing courses who have never read a fantasy novel in all of their life, and yet you can also find some that know how to sing happy birthday in klingon. As they say, opposites attract! Computing is one of the most diverse sectors across the world bringing together people with all sorts of varied interests. You will meet some of the smartest and most inspirational people studying computing – the sector has generated people like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates for flip sake! Want to flash your cash with the rich and famous at the next Apple Keynote? You know what I’m about to type…Choose Computing!

That’s a lot of grey matter, right there.

Do it, do it now.

Peace out, E.

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