It’s early, and I was exposed to home-made cocktails last night. Needless to say, the first blog of the weekend is a short one.

Plus, I like lists. I depend on lists.

So, in list form – my playlist of geekery and wonder.

  1. Still Alive – Jonathan Coulton (and, erm, GLaDOS)

    This is an obvious one, right? The soundtrack is almost as ingenius as the game. I’m sort of including Portal 2’s ‘Want You Gone’ in with this as well. There’s a video on YouTube of Coulton playing the song with Felicia Day. I love it. Oh, gosh, speaking of Felicia…
  2. Date My Avatar – The Guild

    I had this song on repeat for months. MONTHS. I drove everyone around me crazy, but it’s fantastic. I say this of everything Felicia Day does, because I truly and honestly believe we could be best friends.
    If you don’t watch the Guild, season six has just started, go catch up.

    If Joss is our king, surely she is our Queen?

  3. The Big Bang Theory – Barenaked Ladies

    Also obvious, given that this is the theme to one of the most popular sit-coms this side of Friends, but I love the Barenaked Ladies, they always seem so happy. And the song is so clever.

  4. Mercenary – Panic At The Disco

    From the soundtrack of the Arkham City videogame. If you haven’t got this soundtrack already, find it – it is so worth it. Songs about Batman? Always good.

    “Everything in life leads back to Batman” – Kevin Smith

    Clickity click for more Kevin Smith on Batman.

  5. RE: Your Brains – Also Jonathan Coulton

    As much as I like songs about Batman, I am equally into songs about zombies. Jonathan Coulton has already popped up on this list, but the guy writes really funny, geeky and smart songs. This is the kind of song I like to imagine people singing around a campfire. Wielding axes and staving off the zombie apocalypse.

  6. Going Through The Motions – Sarah Michelle Gellar (written by Joss Whedon)

    This came into my head again recently for the first time in ages. Everything Joss Whedon touches turns to gold. Sexy gold. This is the opening track from the Buffy The Vampire musical episode, ‘Once More With Feeling’, and it’s catchy. The whole damn thing is catchy. I miss Buffy. Does anywhere still do re-runs?

  7. My Freeze Ray – Neil Patrick Harris (and Joss Whedon’s magical words, again)

    And Mr. Whedon didn’t give up on the musicals after Buffy – Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog has a huge cult following, and anytime it is on in my house, it is against the law not to sing along. A beautiful project, full of beautiful people, if you haven’t seen this, oh lord, you are missing out.

  8. Don’t Bring Me Down – ELO

    This was on the soundtrack to Super 8 (which was immense, and in my opinion, underrated), but really, that’s just an excuse to include ELO on the playlist at all. I like a bit of ELO on every playlist, because they are awesome. Haven’t heard anything by them? Start here.

  9. We’re All In This Together Now – NIN

    The backing track for the trailers for Avengers Assemble (more Whedon!), I can’t listen to this song without mentally playing the movie through in my head. In these reenactions, I am Iron Man. Obviously.

  10. I’m The One That’s Cool – The Guild

    I’ve already plugged my love of The Guild, but this, their most recent musical offering, is Ms. Day at her geekiest.

I’ll probably do another one of these in the near future – the possibilities are endless! Suggestions on the Facebook page?