I have a huge amount of home town pride, so I was particularly happy to wander around Lisburn today (with very little currency to my name), and discover that there are literally truckloads of geeky bargains to be had.

I am completely broke and bought nothing, but hey, plenty of ideas for my birthday.

November 14th. Just saying.

Without further ado, I give you, Lisburn, City For Geeks.

First up – The Works (it used to be Bargain Books…it’s nicer now).

I have this! Only £12.99 – and worth every penny. Such shiny, lovely pages.

The DC Comics Year By Year Chronicle! (They have Marvel and Star Wars, too).

Also only £12.99. The place is a goldmine, I kid you not.

Batman: The World Of The Dark Knight. I don’t have this, yet. I stress, ‘yet’, because it looks amazing. Everything with Batman on the front cover looks amazing.


Masks – £1.99, and very pretty.

Not particularly geeky, but with Halloween just around the corner, I thought these could be a nice starting point for an easy costume. Don’t say I never try to help you.

I am so excited for this freaking movie.

Santa used to bring me an annual every year when I was little, do you think if I ask real nice, he’ll bring me this one this year?

Moving on from the works, next up is TK Maxx, the happiest shop on earth. Okay, so you have to dig for anything you want, but good lord, it is satisfying walking out of there with a bargain. The store in Boucher Crescent is by far the best, but Lisburn is a close second, in my experience.

Little kids wouldn’t appreciate this like we would.

I have gotten so many amazing collectibles in these stores, for at least half the price of Forbidden Planet or online. It is one of my real joys in life.


I prefer the Clone Trooper to Anakin…

Click on that picture…you’ll thank me, promise. Under £4 as well, score.


Ok, again, not 100% geeky, but how awesome!? Halloween spaghetti! I’m going to have to go back and buy this, I can’t stop thinking about it.

Thunderbirds are go. After tea.

They used to have Spock mugs as well…like, hundreds of them. Logical.

I am a nightmare for buying mugs I don’t need, and TK Maxx is far too much temptation in this department. This Thunderbird mug would make a great Christmas present for most Dads, and it’s only £3, which is great, if you don’t love your parents as much as you love your money.

I couldn’t resist.

So, begrudgingly leaving TK Maxx and dragging myself out into the cold, to the wonderful calm and quiet of Waterstones. Not budget friendly, I know, but look how cute this book is! Their array of graphic novels and other oddities is quite good, too, and the staff are lovely.

That last point matters a lot to me – I have worked in retail a long time, I know that most people are idiots, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to attempt to smile at them.

Next up, back into the mall for the mecca of all budget shoppers in Lisburn – Primark. I know, I know, everyone ends up with the same cheap things, but you know what? Shut up, I love Primark. Licensed Superman/Batman gear for a tenner? Of course I’m going to defend that.


I want these, so badly. I own many manjamas.

Unfortunately, the men’s department is much, much cooler than the majority of the women’s ranges, so I usually shop there. Does this make me a cross-dresser? I do not care.


The original speed freak.

Urm, I do draw the line at men’s pants, though. I don’t wear those.


Back to pyjamas though, wow.

I feel like I’m dragging this out a bit, but I’m just so happy with how many things I found in my own tiny little city. Plus, I didn’t buy anything, so really, I’m showing you things you want, and telling you where they are. I’m like, a charity worker.

Anyway, Primark is definitely worth a look in at the moment, even just for the entertaining onesies. They have the Hulk, and skeletons. Cheap Halloween options, and if you get so drunk you can’t move, fine, because you’re all ready for bed!

And finally, to the actual women clothes. I’ll try not to rant too much, but I was not happy. I found a really cool Batman tshirt (which wasn’t made of that cheap plastic print stuff, and wasn’t more than £10), and they only had size 6. Unamused. Considered squeezing into it – but if I wanted to look like the Hulk, I would’ve just bought the onesie.


They had geeky comfy wear, too, in the form of some nice Supergirl lounge pants. I liked them, but I resent and sulk over the fact that Supergirl is all pink and diamonte, and favoured by the gum-chewing mouth-breathers of Lisburn. Oh, damn.

Anyway, I feel like I’ve gone on for far too long – but go forth, and shop, and be merry.

If you ever, ever see anything in Lisburn that you are thrilled and surprised to see, take a picture and share it! I am always looking to add to my house full of stuff and nonsense, and I am rarely in the mood to look very hard.

I think I might go back into town in the morning, though…I’m still after that stripey pasta.