Okay, so, I couldn’t think of a title. I thought that was catchy. No? I am stuck in the ’90s.

I thought I would do a quick run down of bits and bobs that are coming up in the near future – things you need to know about.

Here goes.

Saturday 6th October – Sunday 6th January

The Art Of Will Sliney (Exhibition, W5)

I was fortunate enough to see this amazing Irish comic book artist at a convention last year, giving a talk on his process and his work with LucasArts and the Star Wars universe. Unfortunately, the convention was full of idiot children, who just kept shouting “How does you draw that there Darth Maul?!”


Anyway, this exhibition started last Saturday, and features both Sliney’s Star Wars work, and a variety of his other wonderful doodlings.

Saturday 27th October 

Sin City (Film, QFT)

Frank Millar – promoting prostitution and brutality since the 1980.

Huzzah, the chance to see Frank Miller on the big screen in my favourite Northern Irish cinema. A good night out will most definitely be had. You can check out the details and book tickets by clicking on the movie poster.

And! If you are into incredible comic book movie adaptations, they are showing Watchmen the very next day!

Who watches the Watchmen?
Me. I do.

If you are not into incredible comic book movie adaptations, I have no idea why you are reading this, but, thanks, I guess?

The whole lovely bundle is part of the Ulster Bank Festival at Queen’s – you can catch Ghost World in the QFT too, or, for the really devoted among you, there is also a really cool documentary being screened at the start of November.

Thank you, Ulster Bank. For the festival. Not for anything else, because you’ve been a bit useless this year

Moving on.

Saturday 3rd November 

Gail Simone (signing session, Forbidden Planet, Belfast)

Not to sound like, well, most of the girls in Belfast about, like, handbags or whatever, but OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD.

Gail Simone, for those of you who do not know, is the current writer for Batgirl (The New 52), and her past credits include Birds Of Prey and Wonder Woman.

I am a huge fan. A huge, enormous, super-fan. I will be here, clutching my comic books and sweating. Also, probably dressed as Batgirl. Do you think she would like that?

I’m so nervous.

Simone will also be speaking after the screening of the aforementioned documentary, and the signing session runs from 2pm until 4pm.


So, that’s some interesting shizz to get up to for the next few weeks – I’m sure there is plenty more I can hunt down, I will keep you informed!

In the interests of a fair and balanced universe, if you happen across anything going on that I might not know about – tell me! You’ll be richly rewarded. With thanks. Not like, with money or anything.