Self explanatory title, really. If anyone doesn’t know what Scribblenauts is, it’s a DS game designed for children, but it’s fascinating. And as addictive as chocolate laced with cocaine. I’ve wanted it for ages and finally treated myself this month.

Well. It doesn’t look like a grown up game, does it?

Of course, I spent the first three days ignoring all the puzzles and briefs in each level and did the following instead:

  1. Typed in swear words to see if anything would appear. So far, no luck.
  2. Put Maxwell (the main/only character) in little dresses, so he looks like a cross dresser.
  3. Made God fight the Devil. God always wins. Always.


  4. Typed in ‘poo’.
  5. Made a zombie army and watched as they attacked everyone else in the level.
  6. Typed in ‘vampire’ in sunshiney levels, and watched them explode into piles of ash. You may call me Buffy.
  7. Put rainbows everywhere.
  8. Giggled at the emo boy that pops up if you type ‘virgin’. Realism is important.
  9. Made a dragon. Watched with glee while it destroyed everything.
  10. Got annoyed that ‘Batman’ doesn’t work. I don’t care that it’s a trademark, Batman should be in everything.

Look! Batman CAN be cute, he has so much range!

Unfortunately, having done all this, I’m not actually all that entertained by the game itself. Pity. Still, that sums up my entire week so far. Livin’ the dream.