I’m toying with the idea of sharing my favourite bits and bobs from Etsy every month, but god knows I might be too lazy to keep it up. Or it might just turn into list after list of ‘I want, I want, I want’. Anyway. Let’s give it a try. I want…

I might just be simple, but I can’t stop giggling at this.

I don’t really know why, but every other thing on Etsy at the minute seems to be cross stitched. Strange. This ‘Every day I’m Hodoring’ frame isn’t exactly subtle, but it’s cute. And cute and geeky are two of my favourite things.

Also – it’s only £25.00 and made in the UK (okay, so, not that local, but I couldn’t resist sharing it).

By the by, you can click on any of the pictures and it’ll link you to the Etsy shop page. Am I making it too easy to impulse buy?

Wonderful! (See what I did there?)

I’ve seen these shoes done a few times on DIY websites and geeky fashion blogs, but these are particularly good looking, and seem to be well made. Besides. I am a sucker for shoes with any DC character reference.

£32.00 AND made in Belfast! Huzzah!

God, this is just brilliant.

Another entry from a local (Belfast) crafter, this necklace is one of my favourite things in the world at the minute. There isn’t enough Goonie themed jewellery in the world, and I would never get bored of this. And only a tenner! Bargain.

I used to have such a crush on Corey Feldman…this may be influencing me, just a tiny bit.

He was just so cool.

I have a thing for the universe.

And finally, I found these earrings on my mission, and given my current obsession with the universe/NASA/becoming an astronaut, I figured they deserved a place on my list. Again, clickity click and go check out the Etsy shop – these babies are only £6 and made in Belfast!

I love Etsy – I think it’s great that people can buy handmade/homemade pieces so easily, and I think, when it comes to Christmas and birthdays, it means a little more than a Tesco bought soap set. So, if you are thinking of putting a little thought into your upcoming present shopping, support local crafty folk and have a look on Etsy! Or, even better, at St. George’s market. Which I will blog about. When I find the energy to get up and leave the house on a Sunday.


p.s. I purposefully avoided including Halloween picks, because they will get a blog of their own. So, there.