So, just because I am a geek, does not mean I am not a girl. I love shopping.

The main difference being, I would rather have comic books than shoes. Unless those shoes have Batman on them. Belfast is not exactly the shopping metropolis that all those cheesy commercials (that are costing the tax payer a bundle) make it seem, but there are a few places definitely worth investigating if your money is burning a hole in your pocket…

The first one is obvious!

Home sweet home.

I get that it is a chain store and not a big secret super alternative basement store, but oh, how I love it. Overpriced – yes, but if you are as impatient as I am, it’s worth it not to have to wait on things to be shipped from god-knows-where. There are bargains to be found in the comic book bargain bundle packs sold upstairs, and the selection of figures and strange cuddley things can’t be beaten by anywhere else in the city centre.

Unfortunately, this means that people treat the place like a bloody toy store, and there are always sweaty, fat, slimy little children running around, stealing things that I want.

I’m allowed to be bitter and mean to the tykes, I WAS HERE FIRST.

Anyway, go there. The staff are extremely nice and very helpful, especially if you actually attempt to have a real conversation with them.

Just around the corner is a hidden gem…


The Corium sells handmade jewellery, strange little housewares, and band t-shirts. These are niche markets, and to be honest, I’m always semi-surprised to find that the store is still open. Some of their stock can seem a little on the pricey side for what it is, but you’d be hard pushed to find it anywhere else. Well. In Belfast. On the internet, you’d find it in less than a minute.

Or less, if you are addicted to Etsy, like I am.

The high street has sort of jumped on MY bandwagon in the last few years (how dare they), so, for a while now, every visit into Belfast pretty much starts with a quick peek into Schuh. I know, I know, I said I didn’t shoe shop.

Remember my conditions?



I used to be similarly impressed with H&M and their range of geeky t-shirts and nerdy slogans, but they seem to have given that up in favour of neon hotpants. Oh the times, they are a-changin’.

Just while I’m ranting about shops I don’t like – go AWAY Urban Outfitters. Copying your outfit/personality from a store window is not okay in my book, and Urban Outfitters seems to churn out hipsters like my cat churns out…well, I was going to go with a very harsh comparison, but you get the gist.

There is still a Game store in Belfast (but for how long, I ask, how long?), which is always worth a wee peek, just to see what I’m missing, but I’m not so keen on lavishing the same attention on HMV…I’m not made of money. And I’ve never seen any of the staff smile. I think it’s against their rules.

I’m a fan of the Head store on Ann Street, though. It moved from Victoria Square, and given that I venture into the capital very rarely, I was confused and all turned about and had to go for a pint to calm myself down.

This is just turning into a list of stores I like and dislike. So I’ll stop. Hit le Facebook pages and let me know if I’ve missed anywhere obvious, otherwise…go forth, and spend.

OH. I forgot the Disney store.