Saturday 22nd September saw the return of TitanCon to the Europa Hotel, Belfast. This convention has proven to be a bit of a holy grail – you’ll only find it if you really look. More publicity definitely needed, because it is a bit of a  treasure.

The day began with the opening ceremony – a parade of the large array of guests (it was a little bit like the start of the Balmoral Show when they parade the best sheep or whatever around and you stare and clap although you’re not sure why), which was followed by a panel discussing the developments and intrigues of season two of GoT. I only caught the last half of this (because I was getting a cuddle from Barristan freakin’ Selmy), but it, like all the other panels that were run over the course of the day, was intelligent, insightful, and fuelled by an audience willing to participate.



The workshops were more entertaining than informative, particularly Water Dancing Live, with Miltos Yerolemou, better known as Syrio Forel, who is a convention favourite and all around nice guy. Watching hapless audience members attempt to recreate a fictional form of sword play was truly satisfying. I didn’t have a go, but I’m sure I would’ve been fantastic.

Just so.

Lunch, also good. Robinsons, highly recommended. That may be slightly off topic.

While there was a lot of queuing to be done at various points throughout the day, the team of devoted volunteers handled it very well (although, they could’ve at least pretended to be having fun – one or two seemed to be having the worst days of their lives. Oh, the stress!) The signing sessions were well run, and the cast and crew were generous with their time and attention.

Unfortunately, due to an alien parasite (chest infection), I didn’t stick around for the masquerade and disco (which was advertised as just that – a disco. Disco is dead), but I have it on good authority from some visiting Scots that both were brilliant.

All in all, I feel like I did a lot at the convention – but I feel like I missed even more. Next year, and I will most definitely be returning next year, I fully intend to be there for the whole weekend, from the opening drinks to the dead dog party.

And I fully intend to be there dressed as a Stark.


I could totally pull this off.

The fur. Not Sean Bean.