All superhero movie trilogies start with the obligatory origins story. I am definitely not a superhero…and this is seemingly not a movie, but I feel like it makes sense to explain why refugeek exists.

First and foremost, this is a Northern Ireland based blog, by geeks, and for geeks. Hence the ‘ni’ bit popped on the back there. Refugeekni. Get it? Good.

Northern Ireland has recently had a huge rise in popularity for geeks, tourists and geeky tourists, thanks in no small part to Game Of Thrones (which, in case you live under a rock and did not know, is mostly filmed around the North Coast). On second thoughts. I should’ve called this blog ‘stalkinggameofthronescastandcrew’, but that’s not as catchy.

There will be stalking though. Nice, legal, lurking around hotels stalking.

Anyway. Creeping aside. Comics and books and games and movies and conventions and clubs and…well, everything geeky and nerdy and dorky. They have a place here.

Hopefully, we can share interest and enthusiasm, and stir up more publicity for some of the seriously cool things going on in and around Belfast.

Comments and contributions very welcome.